Dillon Danis calls for UFC debut against Paddy Pimblett with Ultimate Fighter buildup 1

Dillon Danis, a controversial figure in combat sports, has expressed his desire to make a sensational debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) by facing the rising star Paddy Pimblett. Known for his accomplishments in jiu-jitsu and his association with Conor McGregor, Danis recently ventured into boxing with a “terrible” performance against Logan Paul.

Danis’s proposition for his UFC debut is not just a simple fight; he envisions a grand spectacle. He suggests that both he and Pimblett could serve as coaches on the reality TV series “The Ultimate Fighter,” culminating in a fight between them at the show’s conclusion.

“My UFC debut against Paddy Pimblett would be quite the show, the buildup alone would be electric!” Danis tweeted, highlighting his desire to rejuvenate the entertainment aspect of fighting​​.

However, Pimblett’s reaction to Danis’s previous challenges paints a less optimistic picture for this potential matchup. When Danis proposed a grappling match with a significant monetary stake, Pimblett responded dismissively, questioning Danis’s financial capabilities and expressing disinterest in a grappling contest. Pimblett’s retort was characteristically blunt and colorful, indicating a lack of interest in engaging with Danis’s challenges​​​​.

Currently, Pimblett’s focus is on his upcoming fight against Tony Ferguson at UFC 296. This bout is a significant step for Pimblett in his UFC career, and it’s clear that any potential matchup with Danis would be a consideration for the future, if at all​​.

Despite the intriguing nature of Danis’s proposal and his desire to enter the UFC, the likelihood of this fight materializing remains uncertain. Danis’s career has been stalled due to injuries and inactivity in MMA, and it’s unclear whether the UFC would entertain his entry, especially for a high-profile fight against a rising star like Pimblett. The dynamics between the two fighters, their current career trajectories, and the UFC’s plans will all be crucial factors in determining whether this potential bout ever moves beyond the realm of social media speculation.

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