Colby Covington celebrates after his fight with Robbie Lawler at UFC Newark

Colby Covington, the American welterweight contender, has stirred the pot by vowing to defend the welterweight title in the UK, should he emerge victorious against the current champion, Leon Edwards, at UFC 296.

This bold statement came to light in a recent interview with Mirror Fighting, where Covington confidently expressed his plans post-victory.

“After I beat Leon, I want to give the UK fans what they deserve – a championship fight on their soil,” Covington said.

His words not only show respect for Edwards’ home country but also hint at a strategy to win over international fans.

Edwards, the reigning welterweight champion, will be entering the T-Mobile Arena with an impressive record of 21 wins and only 3 losses. His journey to the top has been marked by a streak of unwavering victories, making him a formidable opponent. Born and bred in the UK, Edwards’ fighting style is a blend of precise striking and tactical acumen, which has seen him through numerous battles.

Covington, with 17 wins to his name, is no less of a competitor. Known for his exceptional wrestling skills and an unyielding spirit, he has been at the forefront of the welterweight division for quite some time. Covington’s previous attempts at the title against Kamaru Usman were notable for their intensity.

The matchup between Edwards and Covington is not just a clash of styles but of ideologies. Both fighters have their unique approaches to the game, making this fight an intriguing watch for UFC fans worldwide.

As the fight night draws closer, the anticipation builds. Will Covington’s promise to the UK fans come to fruition, or will Edwards’ reign continue? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain – UFC 296 is set to be an explosive event that could reshape the welterweight landscape.

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