UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington attends the UFC Fight Night Singapore

Ben Askren’s five-second knockout defeat to Jorge Masvidal only reinforced Colby Covington’s belief that he was always overhyped.

Askren entered the UFC with a lot of hype as well as an unbeaten record, claiming he was the best welterweight in the world. He didn’t have an easy debut whatsoever, however, as he was dropped and beaten up by Robbie Lawler at UFC 235. He somehow survived the onslaught before managing to get the win through a controversial bulldog choke that never put Lawler out.

He then faced Masvidal at UFC 239 earlier this month, with “Funky” claiming that another win would put him in line to face current champion Kamaru Usman next. Of course, that never happened as Askren went viral following his first professional defeat.

Having had regular back-and-forth interactions with Covington, the two have developed somewhat of a rivalry. And when asked about Askren’s defeat, “Chaos” unloaded on the former Bellator and ONE Championship title-holder.

“I learned everything that I was saying about him the whole time,” Covington told Submission Radio.

“He’s overhyped, he has a padded record, he hasn’t beat anybody. And then he comes over to the UFC and look, he’s 0-2. I think Dana needs to give him his walking papers, man. The guy can’t win a fight. He’s old, he’s a 36-year-old Napoleon Dynamite-looking virgin. He needs to go back to being a little science school teacher nerd, because that’s all he’s ever gonna be good at, is acting like he’s smart or something. Cause you know what’s funny? He’s always giving me shit about ‘oh Colby’s IQ’ this and that. He needs to go get his IQ checked after getting knocked out in five seconds, cause I can guarantee you it’s in single digits.

“That’s the end of Ben Asscream. We’re never gonna hear a word out of Ben Asscream again. I mean, the guy’s irrelevant now. He can’t even win a fight in the UFC. He was beating a bunch of guys in Asian bingo halls and padding his record and he thought he was something special, but the whole time he was really just a joke. So, we found out the real Ben Asscream. Can’t even win a fight in the UFC. He’s not even gonna be top 50 in the UFC, let alone top 10.

“So, if he does come back, which, I hope he doesn’t, man, that guy has kids. I know they’re not his kids, he had to get those by, you know, they’re test tube babies. I don’t know if you guys know that, but Ben Asscream’s still a virgin. Actually, you know what? He just lost his virginity. I forgot about that. Jorge, my best friend, popped his cherry two weeks ago. He finally popped his cherry. So, I can’t go on the narrative that Ben Asscream is a virgin anymore, he’s officially just a nerd. So, that’s the end of Ben Asscream.”

There have been reports that the UFC is planning for Askren to face Demian Maia next. Arguably the best jiu-jitsu practitioner in the promotion today, the Brazilian will be another tough task for Askren.

Having defeated Maia already, Covington believes his past opponent will add to Askren’s miseries.

“There’s not a guy on the UFC roster that Ben can beat,” Covington added. “I think that Demian Maia will definitely just choke him out and submit him, and that will be that. And if he doesn’t choke him out he’ll just piece him up on the feet and beat him up, because we know that Ben Askren doesn’t even know how to throw punches. I mean, when he does throw punches he can’t hurt a fly, but that’s a whole other story in itself.

“He just comes out in every fight and puts his head straight down. So, he’s predictable. And a guy like Demian Maia, that guy is literally the human python. So if you put your head down like that, you’re definitely gonna get choked out. So, I look forward to seeing Ben Asscream go 0-3 in the UFC and Dana giving him his walking papers.”

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