Colby Covington was defeated by Leon Edwards at UFC 296

In the aftermath of UFC 296, Colby Covington, known for his unapologetic bravado and sharp tongue, has set his sights on a new opponent: Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson.

Following a unanimous decision loss to welterweight champion Leon Edwards, Covington didn’t mince words about his next desired matchup.

Covington’s callout of Thompson wasn’t just a random selection. “There’s a guy that’s been talking a lot of [expletive] to me in the media,” Covington revealed, referring to “Wonderboy.”

He expressed eagerness to confront Thompson in the Octagon, especially given Thompson’s alleged backstage avoidance at the press conference. “He’s always talking [expletive], throwing shade, so I’d love to see him say it to my face,” Covington challenged.

Despite his recent defeat, Covington remains confident and eager to return to action. He emphasized his desire to be an active fighter and a “company man,” willing to put on shows for the UFC and its fans.

This attitude, coupled with his belief in his untapped potential, underscores his determination to rebound. “I’m still 35 years young, and my best is yet to come,” he asserted.

Reflecting on his performance against Edwards, Covington rated himself a modest “five out of 10,” acknowledging timing issues due to his layoff but refusing to dwell on excuses. “There’s a reason the front window is bigger than the rear view,” he quipped, signaling his readiness to move forward.

Covington also took time to reflect on his strategy against Edwards, admitting he could have implemented his game plan more effectively. He noted Edwards’ unexpected orthodox stance threw him off, but he remained adamant that he performed well enough to win, especially in the later rounds.

While Covington’s focus is clearly set on Thompson, he didn’t rule out other potential matchups, including a bout with Sean Strickland, another fighter with whom he’s exchanged heated words.

However, Covington sees the fight with Thompson as a more logical next step, given their standings in the welterweight division.

In a sport where matchups are as much about personal dynamics as rankings, Covington’s callout of Thompson adds an intriguing narrative to the welterweight division.

His ability to stir interest with his words outside the Octagon is matched only by his skill within it, making any potential fight a must-watch for MMA fans.

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