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As the UFC 296 showdown between Leon Edwards and Colby Covington inches closer, the verbal jabs are intensifying.

Colby Covington, known for his outspoken nature, didn’t hold back in his pre-fight press conference, labeling the defending welterweight champion Leon Edwards as a “quitter.”

The event, scheduled for December 16 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, is set to be a clash of both fighting prowess and contrasting personalities.

Covington, with a record of 17 wins and 3 losses, is no stranger to stirring controversy with his words. “Saturday night, I’m going to bring that quitter back out of him,” Covington declared, referencing Edwards’ past performances.

Colby Covington celebrates after his fight with Robbie Lawler at UFC Newark
Colby Covington celebrates after his fight with Robbie Lawler at UFC Newark (UFC/Getty Images)

This bold claim adds another layer to an already heated rivalry. Edwards, who has not lost in his last 12 fights, might see these comments as further motivation to defend his title. In a previous article, we covered how Edwards dismissed Covington’s antics as “clownish,” showing the stark difference in their approaches to the fight.

Covington’s strategy seems clear: get into Edwards’ head before they even step into the Octagon. “He’s a mumbling idiot,” Covington continued, not shying away from personal attacks. This tactic is not new for Covington, who has previously used similar methods against other opponents.

The American fighter also took a shot at Edwards’ fighting resume, suggesting he had an “easy path” to the title, a point we explored in another article. Covington’s comments are not just about undermining Edwards’ skills but also about painting a narrative of his own superiority.

As UFC 296 approaches, the anticipation for this welterweight title fight grows. Will Edwards’ calm and collected demeanor triumph over Covington’s brash and confrontational style? Or will Covington’s words prove prophetic in the cage?

Covington’s remarks have certainly set the stage for a showdown that’s as much about mental warfare as it is about physical combat. “I’m going to outclass Leon,” Covington confidently stated, promising a fight that could redefine both fighters’ legacies.

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