Charlie Campbell vs. Trevor Peek prediction | UFC Fight Night 240 1

Charlie “The Cannibal” Campbell was half of one of the craziest Dana White Contender Series fights in recent memory. In that fight, Campbell seemed to knock out his opponent, Chris Duncan, several times on the feet only to have Duncan somehow recover and land a vicious right hand that dropped Campbell cold. Campbell responded with another first-round knockout in CFFC and followed that up with yet another first-round knockout in his UFC debut.

Trevor Peek, who I wish had the nickname “A Boo” that followed his surname, is 2-1 in the UFC with a knockout win and the other 2 fights going the distance.

Betting Odds

Campbell’s line has dropped and risen throughout the week; it is currently settled just south of -200.

  • Charlie Campbell: -190 (BetUS)
  • Trevor Peek: +150 (BetUS)

Fight Prediction

Campbell can best be described as a technical brawler with big power and a willingness to throw down in the middle of the octagon. Campbell typically fights as the aggressor in the cage, moving forward behind an intelligent and heavy jab. However, he is adept as a counterboxer as well, with impressive timing and vision in the pocket. He moves fluidly without sacrificing much, if any, power.

Campbell’s best punch might be his uppercut. He throws it without a tell and fires it with fight-ending power from his hip. We saw just how devastating his uppercut is on DWCS, even though he didn’t register a knockout. Campbell’s weakness typically comes with his defense and decision-making. While Campbell moves well and can have quick reflexes, he gets tagged often.

This is likely because he chooses to hangout in the pocket a beat longer in order to land another shot or two of his own offense. Further, Campbell is a solid wrestler with the ability to land violent ground and pound. However, even in fights where wrestling would be the easiest path to victory, he doesn’t often go to the mat unless it is absolutely necessary.

While Campbell can be described as a technical brawler, Peek is best described as a pure brawler. His personal story has been told time and time again; but, the most relevant part of his unique backstory, is how get got into professional fighting. His friend came over to Peek’s house and asked Peek if he wanted to go fight. Peek said yes and went with his friend. Peek thought he was going to a parking lot to back up his friend in a street fight but his friend brought Peek to a sanctioned MMA fight.

I bring this story up because it exemplifies how Peek fights in the cage: like a parking lot street fight. He only knows one speed: full speed. He only knows 1 direction: forward. And he only knows 1 style: violence. Peek does not fight with technique- he’s thrown standing hammer fists in the UFC. Nor does Peek fight with any regard for his own defense or well-being. Interestingly, though, in Peek’s most recent fight, he did showcase some offensive wrestling.

Like his striking, Peek’s wrestling was rooted in sloppy and raw strength and aggression while still, somehow, being effective. Ultimately, trying to predict what Peek will do in the cage is a foolish endeavor, but what can all but be guaranteed is that Peek is going to bring the fight to his opponent early and often.


My pick in this fight might be the most contrarian picks I’ve ever made. Both men are willing and able to get into a firefight from the opening seconds and continue that firefight until someone is out cold. Both men carry big power, often choose to ignore defense entirely, and rarely take a back step. That being said, both Campbell and Peek are durable, have some basic wrestling, and are just sloppy enough to punch themselves out after 5 minutes of violence. Banking on their durability and unreliable volume as the fight progresses, I like o1.5 and even a sprinkle on fight goes the distance.

For the first 5 minutes of this fight, if you tail me with an o1.5 play, you’ll likely be cussing my name. This fight will likely start as an absolute brawl. But, again, both men are durable and should be able to survive 5 minutes. If that happens, which I think it will, I expect both Campbell and Peek to be tired, no longer pack real stopping power, and clinch or wrestle more as the fight goes. It may not be a clean win, but I like the +money on the over 1.5 and for the fight to see the judges.

Best Bet: o1.5 rounds (+120) and a sprinkle on the fight to go the distance (+300) at BetUS

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