Javid Basharat

Javid Basharat is an undefeated prospect in the bantamweight division. At 14-0 with one no-contest, Basharat is one of the young talents fans have been keeping an eye on. After earning his way into the UFC on the Contender Series, Bashasrat has defeated Trevin Jones, Tony Gravely, and Mateus Mendonca with his latest bout against Victor Henry being cut short due to an accidental groin kick.

His next opponent will be Canadian Aimann Zahabi, the younger brother to famed MMA coach Firas Zahabi. Known as a KO artist, Zahabi currently holds a record of 10-2 as a pro, with 6 of those wins by knockout. He is currently coming off of his best, a KO over Aori Qileng in just barely over a minute last June. Beating Basharat would spell a four-fight winning streak for the talent out of Quebec.

Betting Odds

Zahabi finds himself an immense underdog at +450 opposite Basharat

  • Aimann Zahabi: +450 (BetUS)
  • Javid Basharat: -700 (BetUS)

Fight Breakdown

Javid Basharat stands in an orthodox stance but will switch to southpaw for extended times. He is a long rangy striker, with excellent long-range boxing and taekwondo skills as well. Typically he will try to skirt the perimeter of the cage, and make use of this range, utilizing his front kick, sidekicks to the knee and body as well as chaining back kicks to his combos to keep his opponents from getting inside. When he is moving forward he does so behind his jab and straight punches to set up his hooks, and likes to end combinations with the kicks.

In terms of grappling, Bashasrat is a very educated fighter. He is supremely technical, although he does not have the mauling power or speed of someone who grew their style with wrestling as their roots. He has nice takedowns chained off of his striking combinations, and transitions between top control and the back very seamlessly as his opponents look to escape. He has very good technical passing and uses his length to his advantage when defending takedowns himself.

Zahabi, on the other hand, wants to get into boxing range. He typically has a lower output than Basharat but makes up for it in his power. He keeps a tight guard and a tucked chin, and follows his punches in when trying to break the range gap. His jab is also a power punch which allows him to gauge big reactions. In terms of grappling, like Basharat he is very well trained, however, he will go to more traditional jiu-jitsu tools on the mat. If in bottom position he will attack from single leg X and butterfly guard, and if Basharat gets around to his back, Zahabi is known to create scrambles by gramby rolling.


For the most part, I expect this to be a striking affair. Zahabi’s power striking style is very effective against fighters his own range who will meet him in the pocket, however he does have a hard time moving in and out in his heavier footed stance. I expect Basharat to touch and move and try to avoid prolonged exchanges as much as possible.

Zahabi is always a KO threat, and Basharat is heralded as a very cerebral and intelligent fighter. This leads me to believe that he will be making very safe decisions in this fight, even if that means a lower output, racking up points and even just getting to control positions on the mat when he can.

Zahabi is very good at making control difficult, so I don’t see him getting submitted out stuck on the ground too long, but I do see him struggling to get off his own offense and finding range on the feet.

-700 is hardly appealing, but because Basharat has shown a lack of finishes in the UFC as well as knowing that the safest approach may be the smartest against a guy like Zahabi, I believe that Basharat by decision is almost as likely a scenario as him generally winning.

pick: Javid Basharat to win by decision (-160 at BetUS)

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