RIZIN CONFESSIONS #44: Ai, Hamasaki, and Kanna talk RIZIN 18 bouts 1

That didn’t take long! RIZIN’s top-notch docu-series is back with RIZIN CONFESSIONS #44 after just dropping #43 two days ago.

This episode features more fighters competing at this weekend’s RIZIN 18 card in Nagoya. Including RIZIN champion Ayaka Hamasaki, former Grand-Prix champ Kanna Asakura, and KRAZY BEE prospect Ai Shimizu. All three of the aforementioned competitors will compete against international competition as they return to the RIZIN ring this weekend.

#44 focuses on Ai Shimizuas she continues to get mentored by world-class wrestler Miyuu Yamamoto, Ayaka Hamasaki has she strives to remain the divisions best, and Kanna Asakura as she talks going through a bit of depression following a series of recent losses. Also, we see some promotion for a potential clash between Hamasaki and ROAD FC champ Seo Hee Ham.

RIZIN CONFESSIONS #44: Ai, Hamasaki, and Kanna talk RIZIN 18 bouts 2

Similarly to the previous episode, RIZIN CONFESSIONS #44 clocks in at just under 16-minutes. Regardless, the episode still covers plenty of ground. Below is a link to watch the episode for yourself, as well as some helpful timestamps to help you through the episode.

  • Recap of Seo Hee Ham’s RIZIN debut as she’s coined Hamasaki’s “greatest threat” (0:01 – 0:47)
  • Hamasaki visits the legendary Megumi Fujii to train (0:49 – 4:05)
  • Hamasaki does a crazy Megumi Fujii stair run (1:33 – 3:03)
  • Fujii and Hamasaki examine Suwanan Boonsorn footage and are very impressed (4:13 – 6:15)
  • Hamasaki trains with Fujii to better her overall wrestling and grappling base (6:27 – 7:58)
  • Fujii and Hamasaki talk “booming” Korean MMA scene, Seo Hee Ham (8:35 – 9:25)
  • Kanna Asakura talks refusal to lose third-straight vs. Zappitella (9:33 – 11:06)
  • Kanna compares Alesha Zappitella to recent foe; Miyuu Yamamoto (11:40 – 12:45)
  • Ai Shimizu talks KID Yamamoto, mentor Miyuu, and KRAZY BEE (12:46 – 14:41)

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