RIZIN 17 Weigh-Ins Results & Fighter Quotes 1

This morning, live from Japan, the RIZIN 17 weigh-ins went down. Thankfully, every fighter on the card made weight and all fights are a go for tonight!

Also at the weigh-ins, every fighter competing on the RIZIN 17 fight card gave the fans and media one final quote to take into fight night. Check out the full weigh-in results, staredowns, and all the quotes below. Be sure to order the PPV on FITE, as you do not want to miss one of the biggest events of the summer!


Yusuke Yachi: (69.9kg / 154.1lbs)

“I want to pound this guy’s face in until he begs for mercy. I have never entered a fight filled with so much hate. I really want to break his jaw so he won’t be able to speak. My past two losses, and everything leading up to this fight, has given me a new approach for this fight. I look at this from a different angle, which has matured me significantly as a fighter.”

Mikuru Asakura: (69.85kg / 154lbs)

“My opponent is just scared, so he’s talking a lot to keep himself in the game mentally. I will put on a fun fight for the fans, so watch out for my accuracy. I will hit him right on the jaw – a lot.”



Shintaro Ishiwatari: (61kg / 134.5lbs)

“My opponent is lanky and he utilizes those psyical traits well in his striking, but especially on the ground. Sit down and watch who is the better fighter here; me or him. Seriously. The results will tell you. I think there will be a huge, huge difference.”

Ulka Sasaki: (61kg / 134.5lbs)

“Ishiwatari is a well-rounded fighter who can do everything. He’s hard to gameplan, so I don’t have a gameplan. You guys, you have to look out for my entrance!”



Yuki Motoya: (60.75kg / 133.9lbs)

“I will push a high pace from the very beginning of this fight, wear him down, and finish him late.”

Hiromasa Ogikubo: (60.8kg / 134lbs)

“My opponent is well-rounded, and I don’t see any holes. In this fight, there is tons of risk. The loser will lose all momentum and their spot. I want to show this intensity during the fight.”



Ivan Shtyrkov: (93kg / 205lbs)

“My opponent has tons of experience. He is strong and has great skills everywhere. I have nothing but respect for him. I want to put on a show and make sure to give fans what they want. I want to leave a good impressions on the Japanese fans and the promotion. I plan to become the new face of RIZIN’s Light Heavyweight division.”

Hoon Kim (92.9kg / 204.8lbs)

“My opponent is super strong and super tough. But he is slow, and I will face him with speed. Win or lose, I always put on an entertaining fight. I always like to leave an impact, and I will.”



TAIGA: (62kg / 136.7lbs)

“My opponent has a weird style. He is very unorthodox, so I have to be wary of that. I want to enjoy this fight, fight at my own pace, dominate, and get a long-awaited, much-needed win.”

Hikaru Machida: (61.7kg / 136lbs)

“Everyone asks why my special superpower ‘iai punch’ lands. It lands because it’s a special move. My opponent possess everything I don’t have. Speed, power, looks, everything. I am fighting TAIGA, but I feel like I’m actually fighting everyone who will be watching this fight. I will leave an enormous impact.”



Satoru Kitaoka: (70.65kg / 155.7lbs)

“My opponent is great at all aspects. He has many knockouts. He gave Yachi a nasty cut, and he beat Tokudome by choke. But even against Tokudome, it was his strikes that started the ending sequence, so it’s his strike that I will have to watch out for. I don’t care what people think. Shut up and watch my fights. Like me, don’t like me, I don’t care. I’m not the type of fighter who looks ahead of their fight. As of right now, I don’t even exist in the upcoming lightweight Grand-Prix.”

Johnny Case: (70.75kg / 156lbs)

“Kitaoka is such a legendary warrior. He has wins over some of the biggest names in the sport, at the height of their careers. I’m not taking him lightly at all. I’m just focusing on what I need to do to walk away from this victorious. I want to win in the most exciting fashion possible. It’s not just enough for me to beat the best fighters in the world, I want to put on a show and entertain the fans while I do it.”



Tatsuya Kawajiri: (70.8kg / 156.1lbs)

“I don’t care how ugly I look, I am going in there to go after the win. No matter what it takes, or how bad and ugly I look doing it, I need this win. I’ll let the other, younger guys put on the exciting fights. Right now, I just need that win.”

Ali Abdulkhalikov: (70.95kg / 156.4lbs)

“My opponent is very experienced and very tough, but I am also very tough. This will be a very tough fight for both of us. I have studied Kawajiri well, and as much as I respect him, I will impose my will against him and dominate every aspect.”



Roberto de Souza: (70.85kg / 156.2lbs)

“My opponent is very diverse win his attacks and always comes forward. He never stops. I want to show an exciting fight, just like last time.”

Mizuto Hirota: (70.95kg / 156.4lbs)

“My opponent is fantastic grappler and he is very dangerous on the ground. He has never experienced the third round. I plan to drag him into the third, and finish an exhausted man.”



Jake Heun: (92.85kg / 204.7lbs)

“Vitaly hasn’t lost in his last ten fights, so he’ll be coming in confident and ready to scrap. And being ready to throw down is all I can ask for in an opponent. I am excited for this one. I dropped 10kg from my last fight, so I am lighter, faster, and ready to come kick some ass! I want to put on a show. I’m not going in there to wrestle, I’m going in there to do what people want to see from RIZIN fights.”

Vitaly Shemetov: (90.25kg / 199lbs)

“My opponent is a great dancer. I want to show the Japanese fans a beautiful fight and performance. I have dreamt way too long for this very moment, and I will put on a performance that will not disappoint any of you.”



Seo Hee Ham: (48.9kg / 107.8lbs)

“My opponent is very smalls and looks adorable, but she is very tough, she is a grinder. She never gives up. This will be my first fight in Japan in five years, so I would like to show the fans a completely new version of myself.”

Tomo Maesawa: (48.75kg / 107.5lbs)

“Ham is a well-rounded fighter and she can fight very well anywhere. She will be dangerous in all areas, but I want to shut her down and take home a him. I want to show that small women can put on fun, strong performances. I want to put on a fight where I will look bigger than my actual self. I have a judo background, but I want to show that I’m also a well-rounded fighter.”



King Reina: (63kg / 138.9lbs)

“I am the lightest I have been since the ninth-grade. I wasn’t sure I could drop this much weight, but it wasn’t that bad. I feel good, and I’m now much quicker. I want to be dominant and impress the RIZIN staff and fans. I want to win this fight in spectacular fashion and have a good birthday.”

Stephanie Egger: (62.85kg / 138.6lbs)

“My opponent is a good grappler, and so am I, so I’m looking for some fun scrambles. But it may turn into a striking battle, and I will be ready for that as well. I want to display all the techniques I have. I have to do my best and take home a win.”



Daiki Watabe: (66.95kg / 147.6lbs)

“I don’t know too much about my opponent, but I know he always comes to fight. This will be the first fight of the night, and I know I have to put on a show to set a pace for the rest of the night. It’s a big responsibly, but I will not disappoint.”

HIDEKI: (66.8kg / 147.3lbs)

“My opponent has a great heart and always puts on great fights, so I’m excited to face him. He’s a typical bullfighter, so I hope to fight at my pace and not his. I am pretty much a puncher, so look out for those. I throw fast, technical, and very hard.”


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