ONE Warrior Series 4 Results and Clips: 28 warriors vie for a ONE main card shot 1

Singapore – At Thursday’s latest edition of ONE Championship’s feeder event, ONE Warrior Series 4 showcased 28 fighters battling it out in hopes of earning a spot on the main roster of the world’s fastest growing MMA promotion. Check out all the fights below, or read on for top highlights followed by notes on the rest of the ONE Warrior Series 4 action.

ONE Warrior Series 4 Results

  • De’Von Morris def. Emmanuel Onyedikachi by TKO-Punch, Rd. 2 at 2:38
  • Kimihiro Eto def. Trestle Tan by Sub-Arm Triangle, Rd. 1 at 0:48
  • Anita Karim def. Gita Suharsono by unanimous decision
  • Detchadin Sorsirisuphathin def. Mohd Fouzein by TKO-GNP, Rd. 1 at 2:46
  • Shinechagtga Zoltsetseg def. Ali Motamed by TKO-GNP, Rd. 2 at 2:05
  • Edilah Johany def. Roshnee Khaira by TKO-Punches, Rd. 1 at 0:13
  • Asuka Tsubaki def. Luo Zhuojiangcuo by decision
  • Zech Lange def. Michael Walker by unanimous decision
  • Muhammed Adib Sulaimon def. Rungrot Posiri by TKO-GNP, Rd. 3 at 1:13
  • Michele Ferreira def. Nyrene Crowley Rd. 3 at 0:45
  • Tran Quang Loc def. Jong Heon Kim by TKO-Leg Injury, Rd. 1 at 1:19
  • Lito Adiwang def. Alber Correia by TKO-Punches, Rd. 1 at 0:44
  • So Yul Kim def. Japan’s Yuko Suzuki by unanimous decision
  • Sahartat Kongswat def. Faizan Khan by TKO-Shoulder Injury, Rd 1 at 4:01

ONE Warriors Series 4: Top Finishes

De’Von Morris TKOs Emmanuel Onyedikachi


The ONE main event came to a shocking conclusion for previously undefeated Emmanuel Onyedikachi (3-1), who ate dirt courtesy of a massive right hand from De’Von Morris (4-4). Onyedikachi started strong when he knocked Morris down with a leg kick in the first minute. The Nigerian took the chance to hop on and ride out a stint of top control. Back at distance, things also trended Onyedikachi’s way. He cracked Morris with a pair of punches & a hard leg kick in the last 90 seconds while largely evading Morris’ kick-heavy return fire.

The musclebound Onyedikachi looked to be tiring a bit to start round 2, but had the gas left to clock Morris with a solid hook. A subsequent brief front headlock try wasted energy and bore no fruit. Moments after escaping, Morris laid into Onyedikachi with ferocious punches that sent his foe careening back toward the ropes. The Nigerian fired back desperately, only to fall prey to a whopper of a right hand that dropped him down-and-out at 2:38 of round 2! This was some spectacular comeback from Devon Morris, who tallied his third straight win in the last 13 months after starting his career 1-4 in 2013-15.

Kimihiro Eto subs Trestle Tan


By far the most accomplished fighter on this ONE Warrior Series 4 card, Japan’s Kimihiro Eto (16-4-2, #356 World) scored a third straight win in the promotion by slicing through four-time ONE main show fighter Trestle Tan (4-8). Eto obtained a takedown within the first ten seconds, advanced to back before the half-minute mark, and choked Tan out cold in under a minute. That’s easy work for Kimihiro Eto, who was awarded a promotion to ONE main card status on the strength of this win and his prior ONE Warrior Series accomplishments.

Shinechagtga Zoltsetseg TKOs Ali Motamed


Mongolia’s Shinechagtga Zoltsetseg (3-2) rushed wildly at the opening bell, seemingly catching Ali Motamed (5-3) flatfooted en route to an early takedown. Back on the feet, Motamed flashedfancy feet while Zoltsetseg retaliated with punches to head and body. The end came in round 2 when Zoltsetseg sparked Motamed with a pistonlike right hand that sent the Iranian flying through the ropes! With his opponent compromised, the Mongolian opened the floodgates with a deluge of ground punches that splattered Motamed just over two minutes into round 2. Vicious work from Zoltsetseg, 22, once he had his man hurt; he now owns a 2-1 record in ONE Warrior Series competition.

Michele Ferreira TKOs Nyrene Crowley

Womens Strawweight

In her third ONE Warrior Series appearance, New Zealand’s Nyrene Crowley (3-1) caught a cold dose of reality courtesy of a vicious knee to the face from late replacement Michelle Ferreira of Brazil (3-0). Crowley did well in the early going, spending much of rounds 1 and 2 on top of the Brazilian. All that changed in a flash when Crowley ducked straight into the knee that precipitated the TKO stoppage in the first minute of round 3.

Lito Adiwang TKOs Alber Correia


Filipino lightning bug Lito Adiwang (8-2) continued his reign of terror in the strawweight division by blitzing and finalizing Brazil’s Alber Correia (3-2) in just 44 seconds. In a division where few fighters pack KO power, Adiwang has now finished six opponents with strikes.

Rest of the ONE Warrior Series 4 Action

Women’s Atomweight: Pakistan’s Anita Karim (1-1) used footwork and angles to thoroughly outmaneuver and outbox Indonesia’s Gita Suharsono (1-1) over three rounds. Suharsono owned a reach advantage but could find a way to use it to keep Karim from getting inside and landing crisp punches. Good enough for Karim to pick up the unanimous decision win, the first for a Pakistani female in professional MMA.

Flyweight: Thailand’s Detchadin Sorsirisuphathin (8-4) looked solid in all phases of the game, scoring with nasty kicks on the feet while repelling Mohd Fouzein‘s takedown attempts. Midway through the round Detchadin decided to take it to the mat, and that’s where he took out Fouzein (7-13-1) via ground strikes at 2:46 of round 1.

Women’s Atomweight: It took just 13 seconds for Malaysia’s Edilah Johany (2-2) to take out Roshnee Khaira (0-1) with punches. Khaira didn’t react well to getting hit in her first pro bout, taken on short notice, and Johany never let off the gas pedal. To Khaira’s credit, she recovered to shoot a double leg just as referee Olivier Coste intervened for the stoppage.

Featherweight: A clash of novice pros saw Japan’s Asuka Tsubaki (1-1) use solid striking to overcome Luo Zhuojiangcuo (0-1)’s wild early slams and top control. Good enough for Tsubaki to earn a decision victory.

Bantamweight: In a battle of Americans abroad, New York’s Zech Lange (6-2) showed impressive range management and snappy striking en route to a unanimous decision win over Michael Walker (2-2) of Arkansas. Walker’s best looking strikes came on head kick attempts, but he didn’t have the speed or timing to overcome Lange’s superior speed & skills. After three rounds of striking the judges made an easy call in favor of Lange by unanimous decision, his second win in two ONE Warrior Series fights.

Bantamweight: After a slow round 1 on the feet, Brunei’s Muhammed Adib Sulaimon (2-1) forced things to the mat in rounds 2 and 3. Debuting Thai bantamweight Rungrot Posiri (0-1) had no answers, eventually falling to GNP from back mount at 1:13 of round 3. All three of Sulaimon’s bouts have come at ONE Warrior Series events.

Featherweight: Vietnam’s Tran Quang Loc (1-0) earned a pretty breezy win in his pro debut, as a checked kick caused a shin injury that stopped South Korea’s Jong Heon Kim at 1:19 of round 1.

Women’s Atomweight: South Korea’s So Yul Kim (3-1) dominated Japan’s Yuko Suzuki (7-8) for three rounds en route to a unanimous decision. Kim threatened with RNC tries from back mount and ended the fight plastering her foe with solid strikes.

Flyweight: Pakistan’s Faizan Khan (3-2-2) scored an early takedown but suffered a shoulder injury that gave Thailand’s Saharat Kongsawat (2-0) the default win by injury TKO.

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