ONE Championship Hero Series

Beijing, China – The growing Chinese MMA scene was on display at Monday’s ONE Hero Series February edition, with six MMA bouts and three kickboxing contests going down on the ONE App. The action was intense from the get-go, with all but two clashes ending by finish.

Check out the event video below plus recaps of all the ONE Hero Series MMA fights.

ONE Hero Series February Quick Results

  • Hao Jie Li def. Fuchong Yang by unanimous decision
  • Yun Pan Jia def. Bo Zheng by TKO at 3:00 of round 2 (kickboxing)
  • Ailinuer Ahejiang def. Shuahihu Li by TKO at 3:19 of round 1
  • Hua Yang def. Yao Hong Liu by unanimous decision
  • Kang Kang Fu def. Tan Zhao Wang by TKO at 1:50 of round 1
  • Zhe Li def. Long Long Xie by Sub-Arm Triangle at 1:21 of round 2
  • Kim Li Yuan def. Li Dai Xiong by TKO at 0:32 of round 3
  • Xiong Xiong Cai def. Hong Lin Li by Sub-RNC at 3:09 of round 1
  • Mao Lun Wang def. Si Ken Ta by TKO at 3:15 of round 2

Hao Jie Li dec. Fuchong Yang


Hao Jie Li (7-3-1) showed off the diverse skills that earned him this ONE Hero Series headlining spot in a three-round decision over Fuchong Yang (1-2). Former flyweight Li, 23, was at a size disadvantage, yet he wasted no time crashing inside and landing right hands. The second half of round 1 was absolute pandemonium, with Jie backing Chong into the ropes and both men swinging for the fences.

After the pace slowed a bit in round 2, Li showed off his well-roundedness with a late takedown and hacking ground elbows. Li went back to the well with more ground control in round 3. Chong stayed composed and rallied late but just couldn’t muster the offense to put Li in danger. Solid overall performance from Hao Jie Li, who picked up his first victory under the ONE banner since notching a pair of decision wins in 2016.

Ailinuer Ahejiang TKOs Shuahihu Li


Following two minutes of high-energy action, Ailinuer Ahejiang (2-0) picked up Shuahihu Li (1-2) over his head, ran halfway across the cage, and delivered something like a WWE brainbuster. Ahejiang couldn’t finish on the ground, but back on the feet he landed a wild salvo of head kicks and left-hand punches that led to the TKO at 3:19 of round 1. Great finish, though Ahejiang tarnished it somewhat by landing several late punches after the bell.

Kang Kang Fu TKOs Tan Zhao Wang


Kang Kang Fu, aka “The Knife”, lived up to his nickname by cutting down Tan Zhao Wang with right-lefts for the TKO at 1:50 of round 1. Fu earned a win in his first fight under the ONE umbrella after coming up short in three appearances with M-1 Global.

Zhe Li subs Long Long Xie


On the feet, Tiger Muay Thai’s Xie Long Long (2-6) used blazing kicks and straight lefts to control range from southpaw. That potent offense convinced Zhe Li (4-0-1) to switch gears for a takedown. Li was the dominant party on the mat, slicing through the guard and cinching an arm triangle to finish at 1:21 of round 2.

Xiong Xiong Cai subs Hong Lin Li


Xiong Xiong Cai (2-1) landed several slams in the first 90 seconds but wore down quickly. A bad shot gave Hong Lin Li (1-0) a chance to scramble to the back and sink a sloppy RNC at 3:09 of round 1.

Mao Lun Wang TKOs Si Ken Ta


Si Ken Ta (4-4) pushed the action for most of the ONE Hero Series February opener but ran out of steam after one-and-a-half rounds of pressing forward. When Ta shot a tired takedown, Mao Lun Wang (1-0) sprawled and turns the tides. Moments later Wang finished with violent knees to the head and hammerfists at 3:15 of round 2.


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