Fight Circus, Full Metal Dojo with Jon Nutt

Fight Circus is coming back to town.

In an exclusive interview with The Body Lock, Full Metal Dojo CEO and frontman Jon Nutt announced that the promotion will be following up its recent Fight Circus Vol. 1 event this past August with Fight Circus Vol. 2, set to take place sometime in mid-November.

Deemed the “Night of Too Many Titles,” the card featured an assortment of spectacles, including a mixed-gender grappling match, a two-on-one MMA fight, and a kicks-only “human cockfight.” According to Nutt, Fight Circus Vol 1. was one of the most successful events he has ever run, and possibly all-time.

“I possibly think it was the most successful one-off show that has ever happened. I’m dead serious about that,” Nutt said. “You’ll go and look at the Youtube numbers and you won’t think that they’re very high, but it’s all relative right? We didn’t pay for any marketing, Cam Soda didn’t pay for any marketing, and to have Cris Cyborg tweet about Ali Mohommed…. Jorge Masvidal gave us a shoutout, that’s huge… This show was over the top successful.”

There’s no denying that the event made waves in the combat sports community. Discussion threads on forums like Sherdog and the Reddit community r/MMA received a high level of fan interaction. Based on the attention that the event received, you certainly wouldn’t guess that marketing expenses were non-existent.

In order to broadcast Fight Circus Vol. 1 to a worldwide audience, Nutt partnered with CamSoda, a streaming platform known primarily for its adult webcam content. The Miami-based company has taken the foray into MMA before, hosting the CamSoda Legends event which featured former UFC Heavyweight Champion Ricco Rodriguez against PFL veteran Alex Nicholson in the main event. When asked if CamSoda was pleased with how Fight Circus Vol. 1 did and if he would be looking to partner with them in the future, Nutt answered unequivocal yes to both questions.

“They loved it,” Nutt said.

“Full Metal Dojo and everything I’ve ever done in combat sports in terms of  Thailand, I just felt was right up their alley, you know what I mean?… I talked to them man and they want [to do fights], they want to do race car driving, they want to do other things, and it is a streaming platform that for me, I thought we fit brand wise, I thought that we fit very, very well together. I am a huge fan of them.”

It’s not just CamSoda that Nutt is looking to partner with either. The 40-year-old has expressed interest in working with a number of other promotions to put on events, including Dave Feldman’s Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

“BKFC bro, I’m talking to Dave Feldman all the time now… I want to work with them real bad.” Nutt said.

“Imagine if we do a BKFC on an Island out here… If FMD and BKFC can come to some sort of synergy, which I believe will happen, I think BKFC back in the states… I think we can knock it out [of] the box.”

While such cross-promotion would be an exciting spectacle, for now, Nutt is focused on how best to top Fight Circus Vol. 1. With Volume 2 set to take place in a couple of months, he is already putting together new types of matches that will take the card to a whole new level.

“I’m gonna do a real-life “Battle of the Bands” at the next one. So I’m going to have one band that is a hardcore punk band from Thailand, three members in that band…then I have a Rage Against the Machine Band, four people, right? And they will play their walkout, they will walk into the ring, and then they will fight.”

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