Diego Sanchez celebrates in the UFC Octagon

Late Monday evening, episode 81 of the Joe Rogan’s “JRE MMA Show” was released on YouTube, featuring none other than Lethwei superstar Dave Leduc.

On the podcast, Rogan, along with his guest, delved into the deep and rich history of Lethwei, discussing Leduc’s rise to the top of the sport as well as his celebrity status in Myanmar. Leduc spoke about his last Lethwei bout, where he dismantled and swiftly destroyed 11-fight UFC veteran Seth Baczynski.

Rogan was intrigued at the thought of high-level mixed martial artists transitioning to the national sport of Myanmar, causing Leduc to reveal some yet to be announced information.

“I got a message from Diego Sanchez the other day,” Leduc said. “He said, ‘Dave, I’m not in the UFC anymore’. Whoops, maybe I shouldn’t have [said] that.”

Leduc immediately realized the huge bombshell he just dropped, but it was too late, and Rogan himself was just as surprised as viewers may have been.

Oh sh*t, you just dropped a scoop” exclaimed the UFC commentator, stunned. 

“He [Sanchez] said, I’m out of my contract, do you want to get me a Lethwei fight in WLC?,” continued Leduc, adding that he’d happily corner the 14-year UFC veteran.

The very thought to Diego Sanchez, one of the UFC’s original “BMF’s”, competing in a sport as violent and bloody as Lethwei is an exciting one.

If Sanchez were to leave the UFC at this time, it would come as a shock to fans across the globe. Sanchez was a winner on the first season of the Ultimate Fighter back in 2005 and has remained a crucial member of the promotion’s roster ever since.

If the door on Sanchez’s UFC career has been closed, it looks as if a potential debut in Lethwei is just around the corner…

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