Eddie Hearn, Boixng promoter looks on prior to the Final Eliminator For WBA World Lightweight Title fight between Anthony Crolla and Daud Yordan of Indonesia

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  1. No way Americans paying $50 a month for boxing. The sport is only like the 7th biggest sport in the country. Everyone will just find a link on the internet.

  2. How is far more than doubling the price going to convince people to subscribe and stay as opposed to not signing up at all or dropping a subscription? Eddie Hearn, please explain that logic because I don’t get it. The average consumer is already paying for additional streaming video, TV, music, etc. There’s a limit.

  3. I’m on the annual 100.00 for DAZN and I hardly watch it, usually use YouTube, but because it’s a better deal than 20.00 a month and I like having access to the big fights whenever and wherever. BUT IF THE PRICE GOES UP FOR ANNUAL I WILL CANCEL AND RATHER WAIT FOR IT IN YOUTUBE.