Valerie Loureda loses to Hannah guy

Bellator revealed its latest MMA fighter rankings yesterday and it would be quite the challenge to find someone who thinks they are fair and reasonable.

Valerie Loureda, who lost to Hannah Guy at Bellator 259 last weekend, kept her #8 spot in the women’s flyweight rankings. But somehow, Guy entered the rankings at #9. The #9 spot means Guy is now one position underneath Loureda and one spot above talented flyweight Vanessa Porto.

What’s going on here, Bellator? Well, really, our criticism is directed at the voting panel made up of 15 established MMA journalists.

Drake Riggs says that this might be one of the most unjustifiable things he has ever seen in mixed martial arts history. It’s a bold claim but this latest Bellator rankings update makes no sense at all and Patrick Auger agrees.

In this video, Auger and Riggs discuss the latest Bellator MMA rankings and why we are quickly losing (or have already lost) confidence in these rankings already.

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