What Jon Jones' potential move to heavyweight means for the UFC 1

Jon Jones recently announced that he has vacated the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship and that he now plans to move up to the heavyweight division.

“I’ve had only three close fights in the last decade, it’s safe to say the light heavy weight division has been cleared. Now I enter the heavyweight division when it’s at its all-time best…,” Jones tweeted on August 20.

As part of the most recent Fight Business Podcast episode, host Patrick Auger spoke of the potential impacts to the UFC and what this means for the leading mixed martial arts organization.

Auger explains how Jones vacating the LHW title greatly benefits the UFC considering that they consistently require championship bouts to headline PPV events.

If Jones was to step into champ-champ status in the future, the UFC would be without another active champion to fulfil those main event duties.

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