Fight Business Podcast #6: Veteran MMA journalist Josh Gross discusses importance of MMA media 1

Josh Gross is the special guest on this episode of The Fight Business Podcast with Patrick Auger and Michael Fiedel.

Gross, a renowned MMA journalist, joins the podcast to talk about a variety of topics including the tremendous 2020 MMA Fighter Survey that was recently completed by The Athletic’s MMA team. Gross and others combined to survey 170 fighters from around the world and asked important questions regarding fighter pay, injuries, fighter rights, regulation, and recovery.

During the podcast, Gross shares that he was surprised by the number of athletes that mentioned concerns about potential brain degeneration caused by repeated head trauma. As secretary of the MMA Journalists Association (MMAJA), Gross is uniquely positioned to share interesting insights regarding the state of MMA journalism.

Having recently departed from The Athletic, Gross also looks ahead to his next opportunity in the industry. 

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