Fight Business Podcast #5: John S. Nash on ONE Championship's finances & UFC fighter pay movement 1

John S. Nash from Bloody Elbow joins host Patrick Auger on the Fight Business Podcast to discuss several important topics in mixed martial arts today.

Nash firstly talks about his recent piece that covered ONE Championship’s financial data from 2018. The Singapore-based company’s losses grew to $126 million for the year and the promotion is clearly suffering financially. Next, Nash and Auger discuss the recent UFC fighter pay movement, which has athletes such as Jon Jones and Jorge Masvidal calling for improved salary and contracts. Is it different this time? Should we expect any different outcomes? Nash speaks to these questions and more.

Nash also explains whether it would even be feasible for the UFC to share 40-50% of its revenue with fighters. He lays out the case for how the UFC could still manage to take profit after paying 50% of revenue to its fighters.

Auger and Nash also discuss important questions regarding the UFC and for the wider MMA scene, including why we don’t see more coverage of important MMA financial issues by media.

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