Fight Business Podcast #23: Growing support for Ali Act in MMA and UFC documents to be revealed 1

Welcome back to the Fight Business Podcast, Patrick Auger’s show dedicated to the business-side of mixed martial arts.

In this episode, Auger discusses a wide range of topics including growing support for the Ali Act in MMA and how a changing senate could help push this through.

Judge Boulware is now expected to unseal all documents in the UFC antitrust lawsuit and that could change everything for the UFC.

Have you noticed how closely the UFC is tracking and valuing social media metrics? Auger discusses that in more detail here.

Dana White says so, but is middleweight really one of the best divisions in the UFC? Here’s Auger’s take.

And why is PFL appearing on Bloomberg television now? Auger explains PR executive Loren Mack’s role in helping PFL appeal to a new type of audience.


  • Growing support for Ali Act in MMA (1:57)
  • Judge Boulware may unseal all documents in UFC antitrust lawsuit (22:43)
  • UFC closely tracking social media data (36:10)
  • Is middleweight really stacked or is the UFC just pushing Israel Adesanya? (47:30)
  • Understanding why PFL is appearing on Bloomberg television (58:55)

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