Titan FC COO Lex McMahon poses with award

Based in South Florida, Titan FC has earned a reputation as one of the world’s premier organizations for grooming future UFC stars. Over the past several years, Titan FC has sent dozens of fighters to the UFC, not to mention Bellator, ONE Championship, and other global promotions.

Titan has gotten off to an incredible start in 2019. Just four months into the year, the organization is just two events away from tying their 2018 output – and Titan FC 54 goes down tomorrow night, Friday, 26 April.

That event, Titan FC 54, will be turned into an episode of UFC president Dana White’s “Lookin’ for a Fight” web-series. One or more competitors from tomorrow night’s card could be signed to the UFC, should they impress the promotion’s boss.

Another one of Titan’s latest innovative endeavors is the introduction of combat jiu jitsu, making them one of the first MMA promotions to embrace the unique grappling art.

Combat jiu jitsu is essentially submission-only grappling, except the competitors are permitted to throw open-handed strikes once one opponent is grounded. UFC lightweight contender, Gilbert Burns, and ex-UFC standout, Gleison Tibau, competed in the first-ever Titan FC combat jiu jitsu match.

But Titan’s foray into combat jiu jitsu was tentative at first.

Speaking to The Body Lock at the Titan FC 54 ceremonial weigh-ins, Titan COO Lex McMahon said, “We wanted to take some time to make sure that we kind of put our toe in the water, learned from some mistakes, and then start[ed] rolling it out.”

McMahon explained the reason for his hesitation.

“I understand MMA incredibly well; I understand kickboxing really well. I’m a kickboxing practitioner; I’ve trained kickboxing and Muay Thai for many, many years. So, I inherently understand both of those two sports. I don’t understand grappling as much, because it’s just not something that, you know, I’m as well-versed in.”

However, McMahon hinted at something that’d be much more up his alley: Titan FC Kickboxing.

“You’re gonna see some other products roll out from us, as well, that are probably in line with my personal, you know… I guess the ‘sweet spot’ of what my combat sports understanding is.”

Asked with whether or not that’d entail “Titan FC Kickboxing”, McMahon smiled.

“I wouldn’t be surprised; I wouldn’t be surprised.”

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