Walt Harris backstage before UFC fight

When Stipe Miocic came from behind to knock out Daniel Cormier and regain his heavyweight title at UFC 241 in August, many felt he had re-cemented his claim as the greatest of all time, at least in the division.

After all, he was now a two-time heavyweight champion, still holds the record for most title defenses (3) and boasts one of the most impressive resumes in the sport.

However, much like any GOAT debate, it’s not a unanimous opinion. UFC DC headliner Walt Harris for one, thinks Miocic is on his way up there. But for now, his pick remains three-time UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture.

“In my eyes, no,” Harris said when asked by Helen Yee if Miocic was the greatest heavyweight of all time. “I think Randy Couture is. That’s just my opinion. I think Stipe’s on his way up to being considered one of the greatest of all time for sure.”

Another heavyweight who is widely considered as the GOAT is Bellator’s Fedor Emelianenko, who has defeated a host of names and notably went nearly 10 years without suffering defeat in his prime.

When reminded of him, Harris rated “The Last Emperor” above Miocic as his number two pick.

“Fedor’s up there too,” he added. “I forgot about Fedor. He’s definitely up there as one and two. I think Randy [is one] just because he revolutionized the game. For me, that’s what stands out the most. Fedor definitely beat a lot of great people. Stipe’s on his way too, we’ll see.”

Although not in the GOAT debate, Alistair Overeem is certainly among the greatest heavyweights of all time. And on December 7, Harris gets the opportunity to face off against him in what is arguably the biggest fight of his career.

While he holds huge respect for the former K1 champion, “The Big Ticket” expects to get the knockout victory and make it three wins in a row.

“I feel like age, speed, agility, and movement are always on my side when I get in the cage against any heavyweight,” Harris explained. “I think another advantage for me is that I’m scorching hot, to put it honestly.

“I think he’s fighting me at a bad time in my career where I’m going up and he’s kind of plateauing. I see me getting the win by KO for sure.”

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