UFC 278: Usman vs. Edwards

The Body Lock is here to bring you live results, play-by-play updates, and full fight video highlights from all the action taking place right now at UFC 278 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The UFC 278 PPV main card aired exclusively on ESPN+ in the United States (watch replay here).

The UFC 278 fight card features a UFC Welterweight Championship bout between Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards as the main event. Before then, Luke Rockhold will make his return and face Paulo Costa in the co-main event. Former featherweight champion Jose Aldo continues his run at bantamweight when he faces Merab Dvalishvili on the main card.

UFC 278 Results

Main Card – 10:00 pm ET / 7:00 pm PT (Watch on ESPN+ PPV)

  • Leon Edwards def. Kamaru Usman via KO (head kick) – R5, 4:04 πŸ†
  • Paulo Costa def. Luke Rockhold via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Merab Dvalishvili def. Jose Aldo via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
  • Lucie Pudilova def. Wu Yanan via TKO (ground and pound) – R2, 4:04
  • Tyson Pedro def. Harry Hunsucker via TKO (body kick and punches) – R1, 1:04


  • Marcin Tybura def. Alexandr Romanov via majority decision
  • Jared Gordon def. Leonardo Santos via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Sean Woodson vs. Luis Saldana ends in a split draw (29-27, 27-29, 28-28)
  • Ange Loosa def. AJ Fletcher via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Early Prelims

  • Amir Albazi def. Francisco Figueiredo via submission (rear-naked choke) – R1, 4:34
  • Aoriqileng def. Jay Perrin via unanimous decision (29-29, 29-8, 29-28)
  • Victor Altamirano def. Daniel Lacerda via TKO (punches and elbows) – R1, 3:39

UFC 278 play-by-play updates

Find live play-by-play updates for every UFC 278 main card fight below.

Tyson Pedro vs. Harry Hunsucker play-by-play

Watch the full fight live now on ESPN+ PPV or view the full fight replay on ESPN+.

Round one

Fight is underway. Hunsucker starts the action with a lead jab combination. Pedro advancing — stalking Hunsucker. Pedro hurts Hunsucker with a jab. Hunsucker is clearly hurt. Pedro follows up with two punches and a strong body kick. Hunsucker drops to the mat. Pedro towers over him and lands a series of crushing punches to end the fight.

Official Result: Tyson Pedro def. Harry Hunsucker via TKO (body kick and punches) – R1, 1:04

Wu Yanan vs. Lucie Pudilova play-by-play

Watch the full fight live now on ESPN+ PPV or view the full fight replay on ESPN+.

Round one

Fight starts. Wu opens with a body kick, but Pudilova closes the distance and smothers her, pushing her back to the cage with a takedown attempt. Wu shows her strength by turning Pudilova momentarily. Wu lands an elbow as they break and reset. Nice jab from Wu lands. A hard leg kick by Wu now. Pudilova advancing, but Wu fighting well off the back foot at this stage. Another great jab from Wu, but Pudilova closes the distance again and, this time, secures a takedown and ends up on top. She’s in Wu’s half guard now.

Pudilova slides through the side control. Heavy top pressure from Pudilova. She’s controlling the position well but having no impact at this point. Two minutes remain. Pudilova still controlling the position and potentially looking for a submission. Wu has been patient but also unable to switch her hips back toward Pudilova and create space. Wu turns and gives up her back with 30 seconds remaining. Pudilova climbs on and attempts to dig in her hooks, but Wu moves back to the cage, and they clinch. Great top pressure from Pudilova but not a ton of impact. Likely enough to still win the round.

Round one: 10-9 Pudilova

Round two

Both fighters trade strikes to start round two. Wu clearly more wary of the takedown following that first round. Wu working the legs of Pudilova. Wu advances and this time tries a combination of punches, but it doesn’t have any significant impact. Pudilova advances, now stalking Wu as she circles the cage. Now she rushes forward and closes the distance, but Wu is able to separate and get back to the center quick.

Pudilova also working the legs in round two. They clinch again, and Pudilova goes straight for a throw. Head and arm control now as Wu crashes to the mat. Wu rushes out of the position and gives up her back once more. Pudilova is fast to latch onto the position and this time gets her hooks in. Wu escapes after a desperate 10-15 seconds, and now Pudilova is on top once more. She’s controlling Wu again with 90 seconds remaining. Impressive top control here again, and now she’s beginning to open up with heavy elbows and strikes from the top. She continues to rain down heavy strikes to the head of Pudilova, who is attempting to defend herself. Wu has no answer for Pudilov’s strikes, however, and this sees referee Herb Dean call an end to the fight.

Official Result: Lucie Pudilova def. Wu Yanan via TKO (ground and pound) – R2, 4:04

Jose Aldo vs. Merab Dvalishvili play-by-play

Watch the full fight live now on ESPN+ PPV or view the full fight replay on ESPN+.

Round one

Aldo comes out in a classic Muay Thai stance. He’s lifting his lead leg and patiently waiting for his chance to open up. Dvalishvili starts the action, though, with a hard kick. Dvalishvili bouncing and feinting, trying to force a move from Aldo. Dvalishvili loads up a right hand, and Aldo evades. Aldo circling now. Dvalishvili takedown attempt — this will be an important moment. Also defends against the cage. They break. Great defense from Aldo, and he checks a leg kick now.

Aldo now advancing and lands a crushing leg kick. Dvalishvili trying to work the legs too. Dvalishvili falls short with a 1-2 combo. Halfway through the round now. Aldo taking a careful approach here, as he clearly respects Dvalishvili’s takedown ability. Here comes another double-leg attempt. Aldo defends against the cage again and maintains his balance. Dvalishvili is digging his knees into the thigh of Aldo. Dvalishvili swings wildly as they break and then slips. Aldo moves forward and lands a good body shot. Checks another of Dvalishvili’s leg kicks now. Dvalishvili misses with a spinning back kick. Dvalishvili is much more active in the first round, but Aldo looks very dangerous. They exchange wild strikes to end round one, but neither is able to land with significance.

A tough round to score. Although Dvalshvili was more active, Aldo landed the cleaner shots and looked in control of the round.

Round one: 10-9 for Aldo

Round two

They touch gloves to start the round. Dvalishvili again starts by targeting the legs of Aldo. Aldo sticks a jab out and tags Dvalishvili on the chin. Dvalishvili now dives in for another takedown and rushes Aldo back to the cage. He’s going back to the thighs of Aldo with his knees. They’re adding up. Now a minute or so into the position and Aldo throws his hands up in the air, questioning the strategy of Dvalishvili and he’s clearly unbothered.

They reset, and Aldo comes out swinging, but Dvalishvili again shoots and forces Aldo to defend. Dvalishvili elbow in the clinch. Aldo is busy defending with an overhook. Shoulder strikes from Dvalishvili. Aldo separates now and comes forward with punches only for a moment until Dvalishvili buries his head into Aldo’s hips again and pushes him back.

Dvalishvili continues to push Aldo back to the cage. Aldo defending the position well but is certainly losing as Dvalishvili controls the position and lands some strikes. A big knee from Aldo now after they reset, but Dvalishvili is unaffected and again pushes Dvalishili back to the cage. Aldo seems to be growing frustrated with how the fight is playing out.

Dvalishvili likely won this round. As he was able to control Aldo against the cage, Aldo wasn’t able to have the same impact here.

Round two: Dvalishvili 10-9

Round three

Dvalishvili lands a punch, and it looks like Aldo is becoming tired. It’d be unsurprising if Aldo was tired, considering he has been defending takedown attempts for the majority of the fight. He’s circling and timing Dvalishvili’s advances. Aldo lands a nice knee down the middle again.

Dvalishvili maintains the same pressure here in round three. Aldo is more flat-footed here and needs to create more space to start landing his strikes. He’s been almost purely defending for the last half of this fight. Dvalishvili advancing. Dvalishvili lands a solid punch and keeps the pressure on Aldo. Dvalishvili is still coming forward, and Aldo hasn’t had a chance to breathe. Two minutes remain.

Body punch from Aldo, but there’s not enough action from him. Aldo displayed his impressive takedown defense in this fight, but we haven’t been able to see his offensive output due to Dvalishvili’s constant pressure. He’s got Aldo up against the cage again now and crashing those heavy knees into this upper leg.

Dvalishvili landed a couple of solid strikes in this round and controlled the majority of it.

Round three: 10-9 for Dvalishvili

Official Result:Β Merab Dvalishvili def. Jose Aldo via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Paulo Costa vs. Luke Rockhold play-by-play

Watch the full fight live now on ESPN+ PPV or view the full fight replay on ESPN+.

Round one

Costa takes the center but it’s Rockhold who lands first. A short right hook lands over the top and tags Costa. Now Costa’s backing up. Rockhold comes forward and shoots, but Costa lands a punch, and Rockhold may have been hurt. He falls to his knee during the takedown attempt, and Costa continues to strike. Now they’re back up. Rockhold attempting to recover, but Costa is all over him. Lands another strong punch, and now it’s Costa who takes Rockhold down.

A surprising turn of events here as Costa was winning the fight on the feet before electing to take Rockhold to the mat. He’s on top, and now Rockhold is working from the bottom. Costa posturing up and striking, but Rockhold has wrapped his arms around the upper back of Costa to break his posture. Costa in full mount, sits up, but Rockhold bucks him off and turns. Costa falls into Rockhold’s half guard now. Costa working the body of Rockhold from top position. Now he’s moved up to full mount again. Rockhold elevates his hips, bucks Costa off, turns, escapes, and now they’re back up in the center.

With 90 seconds remaining, the strike count is 47 – 7 to Costa’s advantage. A hard body kick from Rockhold. He goes again. Lands again. Once more, too. Hard body kicks are landing for Rockhold, but Costa smiles and shakes it off. Rockhold is bleeding. Costa pushing him back up against the cage now. They reset, and Rockhold is breathing with his mouth wide open. Rockhold lands a heavy right hand to end the round.

Round one: 10-9 for Costa

Round two

Costa goes for a body kick but Rockhold counters with a straight punch that lands heavy. Rockhold coming out strong to start round two. Costa returns fire with a punch of his own. They’re on the mat now, and Rockhold attempts to take the back of Costa, but he gets up, and now it’s Costa controlling Rockhold. Rockhold pushes Costa off, and they’re back into boxing range. Costa’s stalking Rockhold now and unloads a huge left hook. But Rockhold returns again with a strong left hand.

Both fighters now exchanging the heaviest of punches, and they’re swinging wildly. Rockhold is breathing heavy and looks badly fatigued. He lands a spinning back kick to the body of Costa. And another big body kick connects. Costa high kick lands. Rockhold with his own strong punch. Rockhold puts his hands on his knees and attempts to draw in a deep breath.

Costa pushing forward. Another strong body kick from Rockhold. This time he goes high, and it just misses. Rockhold looks exhausted, but his strikes are still fast and heavy. Costa now comes forward and lands a strong punch to Rockhold’s groin. Rockhold drops. Now there’s an official time-out as Rockhold gets a chance to recover. The altitude is having a huge impact here tonight, and both of these fighters are heavily fatigued.

The timeout lasts for 90 seconds, and now they’re back to fighting with 1:40 left in the round. Costa is moving forward and putting the pressure on Rockhold here after the break. Another spinning back kick from Rockhold. Heavy leg kick from Costa lands to the front of Rockhold’s legs as he tries to circle. Rockhold’s strikes are slower now, and he drops his hands to his knees at the end of the second round before being dragged back to his corner.

Round two: 10-9 for Costa

Round three

It’s the same start to round three as Costa comes forward and pressures Rockhold. Costa slips, and Rockhold blitzes forward to rush into top position, but it’s a sloppy attempt to secure top position, and Costa escapes. A stiff right hand from Costa lands to the nose of Rockhold. Rockhold was clearly hurt by that one but drops his hand and returns with another heavy strike.

Costa’s still coming forward. Rockhold ducking and covering up and then seems to shout at Costa before landing a strong right hand down the middle. Rockhold’s hands are closer to his knees than his chin right now, but he’s just unloading with maximum power on every shot. Rockhold rushes forward with a takedown attempt, but Costa sprawls perfectly and then transitions to top control. He’s in modified side control here as Rockhold grips his calf to block Costa from passing.

Costa’s still on top here, and Rockhold is attempting to defend. He rolls, Costa takes the back, and now has two hooks in. He’s punching from Rockhold’s back. Rockhold grabs Costa’s hands, and they continue hand-fighting. Costa looking for a body triangle. Rockhold attempts to stand, but Costa maintains control. Rockhold trying to spin and end up on top. Costa tries to defend, but Rockhold pushes through and is now in Costa’s full guard. Rockhold is on top and is now just rubbing his bloody nose and chin all over Costa’s face. What a fight. Absolutely crazy.

Round three: 10-9 for Costa

Official Result: Paulo Costa def. Luke Rockhold via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Kamaru Usman vs. Leon Edwards 2 play-by-play

Watch the full fight live now on ESPN+ PPV or view the full fight replay on ESPN+.

Round one

They don’t touch gloves. Both fighters come out and share the center of the cage. Usman with a lower stance. Edwards standing tall and light on his feet. Edwards feinting and attacking the lead knee of Usman with oblique kicks. Usman is patient and rocking left to right in his typical style. Usman now dives in for a takedown. Edwards defending against the cage. He maintains his balance and turns Usman. But a mistake from Edwards ends up with him on the bottom and Usman attacking him with a variety of strikes.

Edwards returns to his feet, but Usman retains control and is now digging his knees into the back of Edwards’ legs. He’s clinching Edwards now and working him with these leg strikes. Surprisingly, it’s Edwards who secures a huge takedown, and he’s now on top of Usman. Usman has never been taken down, and we’ve rarely seen him on the bottom. Usman turns, and Edwards takes his back. He’s got a body triangle now and is hand-fighting with Usman. Edwards controlling him very well. Did anyone expect this? Edwards is hunting for submissions and is attempting rear-naked chokes. Usman tucking his chin enough and controlling Edwards’ hands just well enough to prevent being fully vulnerable to the choke. Edwards is striking and attacking Usman’s head with elbows and punches to end the round.

Round one: 10-9 for Edwards

Round two

Incredible first round from Edwards, who defended the takedowns and ended up with one of his own. Now we’ve started round two, and Usman advances again. Usman blitzes forward and pushes Edwards’ back to the cage again. Back to the clinch.Β  They separate. Usman lands a heavy punch and then digs in hooks deep to Edwards’ body. He’s working the head and body of Edwards again against the cage. He’s not unloading with maximum power, though, and is cautiously racking up these power shots without putting himself in too much danger.

Edwards is seemingly struggling with Usman’s forward pressure here and attempts to clinch and grab Usman’s head but ends up almost eye poking Usman. A timeout is called as Usman’s vision is affected. Only a short one, though, and we’re back into it. Leg kick from Usman lands. Edwards goes back to the lead knee now. Usman jab is coming into play. Edwards with a sharp 1-2, and the left lands cleanly. Usman comes forward and runs into a left knee from Edwards that targets the body. Solid left hook from Edwards lands. Usman still moving forward and now engages in the clinch again.

Here comes the Usman foot stomps. That’s one. Two. Edwards with his back to the cage and Usman digging his head into his chin. Edwards separates and then dives for a double-leg but Usman defends with ease. Usman sprawling and resting his body weight on Edwards, who attempts to return to his feet. Elbows from Usman now against the cage. So much pressure from Usman. Edwards has been unable to counter as Usman is just keeping up the pace. A successful takedown from Usman and he’s now landing some strikes from top position to end round one.

Round three

Edwards takes the center to start round three. Usman seems to be satisfied with circling. Interesting footwork battle here as Usman starts to come forward and put pressure on Edwards without a single strike. Usman walks Edwards down and then goes for another double-leg. Successful again, and Edwards on his back against the cage. Edwards is back up, and Usman pushing against the cage again. Edwards defending well enough but expending lots of energy and allowing Usman to control the fight.

Usman is all over Edwards now halfway through the round and working the head and body with punches. Another takedown is successful. Edwards turns, and Usman starts to take his back. One hook is in, and he’s putting all of his body weight on Edwards now. Usman wearing on Edwards. Edwards gets his back to the cage now and Usman is still over his legs and wearing on him. Usman reaches for the neck as Edwards is now sitting against the cage. Strikes to the head and body now. Another strong round from Usman.

Round three: 10-9 for Usman

Round four

Edwards is starting to look fatigued as his corner tells him to step up the pace and start using his hands more in round four. He’s coming forward now to start this round, but Usman lands a series of strong punches and forces a reset. Leg kick from the champion. Edwards backing up again. But now it’s Edwards clinching and controlling Usman against the cage. He’s in front of his corner, who is yelling advice to him as he attempts to work from the position.

Usman separates and then immediately gets his own takedown. He’s working strikes from inside Edwards’ full guard. Usman heavy on top. Edwards scoots back to the cage to defend. Usman remains heavy and makes him carry his weight. He returns to his feet, but Usman is still controlling him with a body lock. Usman breaks, attempts a 1-2 and then dives in for another takedown. Edwards uses the fence to return to his feet but then referee Herb Dean breaks the action and forces Edwards to return to the mat for the reset. Usman working Edwards with heavy strikes now to end round four.

Round four: 10-9 for Edwards

Round five

Edwards has to get a finish to win this fight now that he’s seemingly down three rounds to one. Usman still pressuring Edwards here and working him over in the clinch. Edwards defending with overhooks, but Usman’s constant pressure is fatiguing the challenger. Herb Dean asks Usman to work from the clinch. Usman still controlling the position and now drops down to the hips of Edwards for a takedown. Herb Dean breaks them now and makes them restart in the center.

Edwards lands a good right hand, and then a low blow connects to Usman’s groin area, causing another time-out. A quick break, and Usman opens the action with a body kick. Edwards leg kick now. His striking is fantastic, but we’ve rarely seen it tonight. The fight looks to be approaching the end. Commentators are discussing how it looked as if Edwards had resigned himself to defeat but then a vicious head kick connects and Usman is OUT. It’s all over. One clean head kick and Edwards has stolen this fight. Absolutely incredible.

Usman was on his way to winning a comfortable decision. It looked as though he had it in the bag. But just one perfectly-timed strike from Edwards seals the fight.

Official Result: Leon Edwards def. Kamaru Usman via KO (head kick) – R5, 4:04

UFC 278 full fight video highlights

Video highlights will be shared here after every main card fight.

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