UFC 275 Fighter Picks: Zhang Weili vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk 1

A highly-anticipated rematch between two former title challengers is scheduled for this weekend’s UFC 275 main card in Singapore.

Joanna Jedrezjczyk makes her return to the Octagon for the first time in over two years, seeking revenge against Zhang Weili. It was Zhang who was victorious at UFC 248 in March 2020 as the then-champion managed a split decision victory to defend her title.

Since then, Zhang later lost the title to Rose Namajunas by way of a rapid head-kick knockout. She was then unsuccessful in her immediate attempt to re-capture the title in a rematch with Namajunas.

Jedrezjczyk is winless since the first fight with Zhang, as well, but for different reasons. The former champion sat out as she waited for a ‘big fight’ against either Namajunas or Zhang in her return.

Will Jedrzejczyk’s inactivity impact her chances at UFC 275 or will her excellent technique and cardio help her on the pathway to another title shot?

UFC fighters recently shared their thoughts on the rematch in a video with James Lynch. Each fighter declared their Zhang vs. Jedrzejczyk pick and prediction before UFC 275.

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  • Date: Saturday, June 11
  • Time: PPV Main Card starts at 10 pm ET
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The Zhang vs. Jedrzejczyk rematch will feature on the PPV main card at UFC 275. Fight fans can order the event on the ESPN+ website to watch Zhang vs. Jedrzejczyk, the two title fights, and more.

Zhang vs. Jedrzejczyk fighter picks

All fighter quotes have been sourced from James Lynch’s MMA Pros Pick series on YouTube. Watch the full videos here.

Andrea Lee

“I think Weili again. I think Weili might have this. But then again she might be broken from her last fight. I think Rose may have got in her head and that may cause some self-doubt. You know, Joanna has a lot of confidence and she might be bringing it this time. Joanna is very smart — she has a high fight IQ — I don’t know… it’s a tough call. I think Weili.”

Chase Hooper

“We’ll have to see how hungry Joanna is but I’m thinking Weili might take that one.”

Maycee Barber

“Gosh, Joanna hasn’t fought in a while. Honestly, I don’t know. We could see Joanna come back good but I guess it’s for us to find out.

UFC 275 Fighter Picks: Zhang Weili vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk 2

Joe Lauzon

“Probably Weili. Joanna has been away for a while. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes people live that fighter lifestyle… they’re in the gym every single day. I know Joanna has been doing a bunch of fashion stuff and other stuff. She could be an absolute killer and she could show up and do a great job but I think that Weili has probably been training a little bit more consistent and a little bit harder.”

Valentina Shevchenko

“I’ll go with Joanna because I like her. I like her style. I like the pressure that she’s putting on her opponents. I like that. But I also like Weili because she’s showed her heart in the fights and, yeah, but in this fight I go with Joanna.”

Curtis Blaydes

“I’m going to go with Weili. I think she’s been a lot more active and I think she’s the more powerful puncher of the two of them. They’re both going to hit each other and they both have amazing technique but I don’t think Joanna has the pop behind her punches. That’s the difference.”

Erin Blanchfield

“That one is hard. I probably lean toward Joanna, I think she’s a little more technical but based off their first fight it was just a war… I kind of see it going similar. I think they both want to go in there and bang it out so when they do that it can go either way, especially at that level. But I’d probably lean towards Joanna.”

Eryk Anders

“I haven’t seen much of Joanna lately, so I don’t know how she’s feeling or whatever. When fighters have a long layoff like that I tend to go with the fighter who has been more active so I’ll probably go with Weili.”

Jasmine Jasudavicius

“I see Joanna in the gym and she’s training hard. She’s in the gym twice a day and I see on her Instagram the outside work that she’s doing. She’s training her ass off so, of course, I’m going to go with her. I always have my money on her – I think she’s awesome. But I still think it’s going to be a tough fight.”

Jeff Molina

“That’s a tough one. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how close that first fight was. I rewatched it a couple of weeks ago and I forgot how close that fight was. I think that the optics — the physical transformation Joanna’s face had in that fight — made it seem like a lot further apart but the fight was pretty close. I’m going to side with Weili, the more active fighter, just because we haven’t seen much of Joanna but, honestly, that’s a pick ’em fight and I can’t lean either side.”

Jordan Wright

“Joanna. I think her cardio this time. I think she’ll be more aware of the type of power that Weili will bring and I think that her cardio will push it.”

Loopy Godinez

“Joanna has been out for a bit. She’s been maybe a little distracted with other things. I’m going to go with Weili.”

Macy Chiasson

“I think it’s going to be an amazing fight. That first fight was insane. I think Weili has a bit of a chip on her shoulder. I know JJ has been out for a while but Weili has a chip on her shoulder and I think she’s going to be looking for blood. You never know with Jedrzejczyk, you never know when she’s going to turn it up. But I do think Weili takes the win.”

Vince Morales

“I love that fight. I’m picking Weili on that one. I think she’s got a bit of something-something to prove and I think she’ll be ready for it. I’m a big fan.”

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