UFC 271: Adesanya vs. Whittaker full fight play-by-play, results 1

The UFC 271 PPV main card has now started and that means fans can now watch all of the biggest fights of the night live on ESPN+ PPV.

In the main event, Israel Adesanya will defend the middleweight title against former champion Robert Whittaker. Before then, it’s Derrick Lewis stepping into the cage to battle with Tai Tuivasa in a heavyweight fight.

The Body Lock is here to bring you live UFC 271 results, updates, and play-by-play coverage of Adesanya vs Whittaker, Lewis vs Tuivasa, and more.

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UFC 271 play-by-play results

Israel Adesanya vs. Robert Whittaker

Round one

Just ten seconds in and it looks like Whittaker’s fighting with a wider stance. Starts with a lead leg kick. Adesanya managing range well, though. Whittaker circling and Adesanya tags the inside of his leg with a kick. Body jab from Adesanya. Outside leg kick from Whittaker. High kick from Adesanya misses but he uses it to close the distance and keep Whittaker backed up past the black line. Lots of feinting from both fighters so far. A much more measured and patient approach from Whittaker, as expected. Adesanya lands with a good outside leg kick. Another leg kick from Adesanya but this time to the calf. Adesanya checks a leg kick and then fires back and drops Whittaker. He’s back up though and seems fine. Whittaker shoots for a takedown and Adesanya stuffs it perfectly. Another leg kick from Adesanya. Left hook from Whittaker. Adesanya controlling the fight so far and Whittaker’s having a hard time trying to land anything. Another takedown from Whittaker is stuffed.

The Body Lock scores round one for Adesanya: 10-9

Round two

Whittaker’s clearly struggling. He’s coming out and throwing more in round two but it feels more like desperation at this stage and we’re only in the early stages of round two. Whittaker’s leg seems to be impacted from the heavy leg kicks in round one. But he’s having chances in round two already when he moves forward. He has almost connected with a few big strikes but Adesanya looks comfortable. Whittaker connects with a heavy left hook and it’s the best strike he’s landed in the two fights so far. Whittaker takedown is successful and he gets Adesanya to the mat but not for long. Adesanya stands and returns to the cage. Whittaker’s staying tight. Adesanya gets back to the center of the cage. A good round for Whittaker so far. Adesanya attempts two kicks but Whittaker defends. Adesanya jabs and Whittaker returns an outside leg kick. Adesanya targets Whittaker’s leg again. A tighter round. Adesanya landing more. Whittaker with the bigger shots but missing plenty, too.

The Body Lock scores round two for Whittaker: 10-9

Round three

Whittaker still trying to blitz forward. Adesanya controlling the range well. Adesanya landing clean straight punches and the kicks are still landing. Whittaker takedown attempt is stuffed. Adesanya lands a knee and they separate. High kick from Adesanya connects but he falls and Whittaker follows him to the mat. Adesanya desperately tries to stand but Whittaker is latching onto him and attempts to lock onto his back. Whittaker has his arms locked around Adesanya’s waist but Adesanya defends and they separate again. Jon Anik and the commentary team point out that Adesanya may have injured his right hand. Adesanya advancing and putting pressure on Whittaker.

The Body Lock scores round three for Adesanya: 10-9

Round four

Hard outside leg kick from Adesanya. They’ve been important in this fight. Whittaker having a hard time connecting with anything significant now. But he goes for a takedown and it’s successful. Adesanya scrambles again but Whittaker gets his back. Two hooks in for Whittaker as Adesanya stands. But he can’t finish and just retreats to the center of the cage. He’s had a couple of good opportunities in this fight to settle into the wrestling game but hasn’t been able to secure a dominant position. Whittaker double jab and Adesanya tries to fire back a right hand.  Fight feels close now as Adesanya’s output has slowed. Whittaker’s been able to fight at close distance now but isn’t landing his punches. Another double jab from Whittaker. Slips Adesanya’s punches and now comes underneath to clinch and push him back to the cage. Adesanya attempts a high kick to finish the round but Whittaker blocks.

The Body Lock scores round four for Adesanya: 10-9

Round five

Whittaker has been fighting far too cautiously in the latter stages of this fight. Adesanya has slowed but Whittaker hasn’t seized the opportunity. Whittaker moves forward behind a double jab again but Adesanya counters and moves. Another double jab from Whittaker. Adesanya outside leg kick and Whittaker counters with a left hook. Whittaker takedown attempt and Adesanya tries to take his neck. Whittaker steps back. Adesanya eye poke pauses the fight. Whittaker only takes a quick break and they’re back. Another takedown from Whittaker and this time it’s one of his best attempts. He pushes through and takes Adesanya to the cage. Maintains control around Adesanya’s waist but is yet to finish the takedown or land any strikes from here. Whittaker moves from the single leg and lands a solid left hook to Adesanya’s left chin. Another takedown from Whittaker. Pushing Adesanya back again. Adesanya defending well. A good round from Whittaker but he needed a finish on our scorecards.

The Body Lock scores round five for Whittaker: 10-9 (48-47 for Adesanya)

Official Result: Adesanya def. Whittaker via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46)

Derrick Lewis vs. Tai Tuivasa

Round one

A touch of gloves and here we go. A patient start from both fighters. Tuivasa trying to create openings. Leg kick attempt from Tuivasa. Lewis moving slowly in his typical way of trying to bait his opponent into a mistake. Tuivasa comes forward and pushes Lewis to the cage. Knees to the thigh from Tuivasa and he’s keeping head pressure while working. Referee Dan Miragliotta breaks it up and resets them back to the center of the cage. Lewis comes forward with a flying knee attempt and then lands a right hand. He’s now the one pushing Tuivasa back to the cage. A knee from Lewis lands to the body. One from Tuivasa now. Trading knees and now Lewis is going for a single-leg takedown. Tuivasa’s balance is being tested but he keeps upright and switches the position to land an elbow to the head. Lewis takedown is successful. He postures up and unloads punches. Tuivasa is taking hard punches on the way up. But he swings back. He’s here to fight. He’s now pushing Lewis back. Not many would have survived that onslaught from Lewis. Lewis takes down Tuivasa again. What’s up with both Lewis and Ngannou wrestling in 2022? Tuivasa stands but Lewis keeps overhooks against the cage. Tough fight for him so far and he’d be feeling the size of Lewis already.

The Body Lock scores round one for Lewis: 10-9

Round two

Tuivasa’s corner was calling for more leg kicks — let’s see if Tuivasa can get those going in round two. Lewis lands two wild hooks. Tuivasa is wobbly and retreats. No one can take too many of Lewis’ best strikes and Tuivasa has been paying the price. Another takedown attempt from Lewis. Tuivasa stands. Lewis coming forward and throwing. Tuivasa returning fire though. It’s exactly what we thought it would be. Tuivasa lands cleanly. Lewis lands punches in return. They’re both landing with tremendous power. But it’s Tuivasa who puts Lewis down with a powerful right elbow. Lewis falls face-first to the mat. It’s all over. Crazy.

It was another classic Tuivasa performance — he took Lewis’ best shots and just stood there and stayed in the fight.

Official Result: Tai Tuivasa def. Derrick Lewis via KO (elbow) – R2, 1:40

Jared Cannonier vs. Derek Brunson

Round one

Brunson high kick just misses. Cannonier is moving well and creating new angles. Brunson ducks into Cannonier as he comes forward and Cannonier pushes him away. Brunson shoots but Cannonier’s looking very strong and defends well. He keeps balance during a single-leg attempt now but Brunson lifts the leg up almost over Cannonier’s head to take him off-balance and drop him to the mat. Cannonier’s back up fast. It’s a physical battle and Cannonier’s proving to be up to the task. Another Brunson takedown attempt. He’s pushed Cannonier back to the cage but Cannonier circles and defends. Cannonier’s already defended five takedowns. Here comes another one after Brunson lands a punch. Brunson double underhooks but Cannonier is strong enough to be able to keep upright for a little while. Brunson finishes the takedown and he’s now on top in Cannonier’s half guard. He postures up slightly and this allows Cannonier back to his feet. Standing again now and Cannonier attempts a high kick. Brunson lands a big right hand and Cannonier falls. Brunson on top and Cannonier rolls. He’s got the back now and squeezing the rear-naked choke but Cannonier is saved by the bell. Crazy finish to round one.

The Body Lock scores round one for Brunson: 10-9

Round two

Brunson finishes a takedown to start round two. He’s on top again and looks to be in a good position to work in the center of the Octagon. He lays heavy but Cannonier works his way back up. Cannonier just misses with a powerful uppercut. Great fight so far and both fighters are being tested. Cannonier has needed to defend against constant takedown attempts from Brunson and Brunson’s cardio and striking defense is being tested. Brunson swinging wildly now. Cannonier circling and now landing punches. He’s looking better in this round. Brunson’s fighting a little differently now — he seems to be slowing. Brunson comes forward for another takedown attempt but Cannonier just shrugs him off. Right hook lands for cannonier and it’s one of the better strikes of the fight so far. Another right hand for Cannonier. Brunson struggling now. He’s becoming frustrated by being unable to take Cannonier down. Cannonier’s starting to take over. Brunson’s takedowns aren’t coming anymore and Cannonier’s sticking the jab in his face. Cannonier connects hard with an elbow and a backfist and Brunson’s clearly dazed. He’s basically out on his feet. Cannonier takes him to the mat and lands three devastating elbows on the ground to finish the fight. The referee stops it and the towel comes in at the same time. It’s over.

Official Result: Jared Cannonier def. Derek Brunson via KO (punches and elbows) – R2, 4:29

Alexander Hernandez vs. Renato Moicano

Round one

Moicano attempts a calf kick. Hernandez with an inside leg kick to start. Hernandez lands again. Now a kick to the body. Moicano stalking but it’s a fast pace so far. There’s no time to settle into this fight. Moicano attempts a single-leg takedown but Hernandez remains balanced and defends. Again but the same result. He’s giving Hernandez more to think about in this fight. Now he shoots forward and presses Hernandez back to the cage. Takedown attempt but Hernandez gets up immediately. He’s still against the cage and Moicano still has a body lock. Takedown is successful and he’s passing guard. Moicano floats into half guard and now lays heavy. Hernandez tries to stand but Moicano pulls him back down. Hernandez scrambles and he’s back up. Hernandez much more active on the feet. He’s landing clean kicks and throwing combinations. Moicano landing clean when he fires though. A bit of everything in round one.

Round two

Round two is underway and the action doesn’t slow. Hernandez coming in with combinations but Moicano seems to be landing the cleaner and harder punches so far. Nice uppercut connects for Moicano. Moicano lands a left hook and Hernandez drops. He’s now on top of Hernandez who gives up his back and Moicano continues striking before dragging Hernandez across, putting his hooks in, and then finishing the rear-naked choke.

Official Result: Renato Moicano def. Alexander Hernandez via submission (rear-naked choke) – R2, 1:23

Bobby Green vs. Nasrat Haqparast

Round one

Bobby Green takes the center of the Octagon and Nasrat Haqparast sticks to circling with a high guard. Haqparast is the first to blitz forward with a combo but Green defends well. Green’s sticking out a jab now. Action is paused after Haqparast digs a finger into Green’s eye. Fight resumes and Haqparast is testing the range with his jab. His punches are falling short. Now the fight is paused after Haqparast is poked in the eye by Green. Both fighters are testing punches to the body. Nothing significant has landed and we’re now halfway through the first round.

Haqparast is starting to land his punches. Green’s now doubling up the jab and it’s working. Haqparast comes forward with a combination of punches and Green moves his head well enough to evade the opening strikes but eventually takes a couple of punches. Green returns fire. Green’s jabs are landing consistently. Haqparast now having more success as he’s the one setting the pace and backing Green up past the black line.

The Body Lock scores round one for Green: 10-9

Round two

Green now tagging Haqparast as he circles in the first moments of round two and it’s making a major difference. Haqparast has resorted to putting up a high guard and has been unable to start working his own combinations. He’s in pure defensive mode as Green sticks and moves. Green’s punches are sneaking right through the guard now. He’s looking comfortable and Haqparast is seemingly running out of ideas.

Haqparast starting to open up more but Green’s ready and waiting for opportunities to counter. Green’s straight punches are landing to the head. Haqparast is a little wilder with his punches with looping hooks and they’re slower and shorter range, meaning Green has been able to stick him with the longer straight punches with ease. The last few minutes have been the same now with Haqparast coming forward and Green moving his head and pivoting out after crushing the nose of his opponent. Haqparast’s defense has been questionable and it’s an ineffective strategy so far. But now Haqparast has Green standing still against the cage and he’s working him with high and low punches. This is when he looks the best. But Green answers and rocks the head of Haqparast back with a heavy straight punch.

The Body Lock scores round two for Green: 10-9

Round three

Round three looks similar so far. Haqparast moving forward but Green countering well. A minute in and now Green is turning it up. He’s landing cleanly through Haqparast’s guard. A Haqparast body shot slows his momentum for a moment. Green’s accuracy has been the key so far. He’s landing at a high clip. Haqparast has his hands up high to deflect punches as he walks forward but Green just squeezes his punches through and around the guard. Haqparast has kept this as a boxing match and it just hasn’t worked. He’s being outclassed in what has mostly been the perfect style of fight for Green. He’s landing straight punches and moving well.

The Body Lock scores round three for Green: 10-9

Official Result: Bobby Green def. Nasrat Haqparast via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

UFC 271 Results

Main Card – 10:00 pm ET / 7:00 pm PT on ESPN+ PPV

  • Israel Adesanya def. Robert Whittaker via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46)
  • Tai Tuivasa def. Derrick Lewis via KO (elbow) – R2, 1:40
  • Jared Cannonier def. Derek Brunson via KO (punches and elbows) – R2, 4:29
  • Renato Moicano def. Alexander Hernandez via submission (rear-naked choke) – R2, 1:23
  • Bobby Green def. Nasrat Haqparast via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Prelims – 8:00 pm ET / 5:00 pm PT on ESPN+

  • Andrei Arlovski def. Jared Vanderaa via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Casey O’Neill def. Roxanne Modafferi via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
  • Kyler Phillips def. Marcelo Rojo via submission (triangle armbar) – R3, 1:48
  • Carlos Ulberg def. Fabio Cherant via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Early Prelims – 6:00 pm ET / 3:00 pm PT on ESPN+

  • Ronnie Lawrence def. Leomana Martinez via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-28)
  • Jacob Malkoun def. AJ Dobson via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Douglas Silva de Andrade def. Sergey Morozov via submission (rear-naked choke) – R2, 3:24
  • Jeremiah Wells def. Mike Mathetha via submission (rear-naked choke) – R1, 4:38
  • Maxim Grishin def. William Knight via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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