UFC 247: Who is the 49-46 judge Joe Soliz? 1

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  1. All the focus shouldn’t be on his absurd 49-46, 2 judges gave Jones Rd 2, and 2 judges gave the close Rd 3 to Jones. He just stands out because he did both.

  2. People remember this champion doesn’t have to beat his opponent. His opponent has to beat him. Reyes should have done more damage to Jones. He failed to do so. He needed a knock out . 9 out of 10 decision goes to the champion if he is not beaten to the ground. Which Reyes fail to do so. I feel that it should have been a draw.

    Close fight almost always go to the champion.

    1. You’re an idiot. Stop perpetuating that retarded mentality. Jones is a fighter just like the other guy, he’s not a king! He is supposed to fight and win just like the other fighter. Your archaic mentality is making this sport worse. He got his ass kicked in the first three rounds, just like with Gustafsson and the only reason he got his hand raised is because they paid off that POS wanna be judge Soliz. You’re basically saying that if Jones would have ran around for 5 rounds, he would still be a better fighter. Shut the F@ck up!

    1. That’s a troll twitter account, not a real person. Scroll down far enough on their feed and they’re posting esports memes and highlights.

  3. No that is good. UFC should never control the judges. But the comissions need to educate or Pay better judges.