Khabib Nurmagomedov (L) throws a left hand to the head of Al Iaquinta (R) during their UFC lightweight championship bout at UFC 223

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  1. Excellent article. Wow. I absolutely agree with everything. Dustin’s 2 weak points are his poor coaching from Mike Brown with bad decisions mid fight, and his general lack of fighter IQ. Dustin fights as a real fighter, not a points fighter, which has always been his detriment. He takes way more damage than he needs to with his speed and athleticism. His athleticism and power would be even more impressive if he was a bit more patient, and reserved some of his cardio instead of gassing out. In the Max Holloway fight he almost lost through exhaustion by trying to force a take down on Max Holloway who can’t be taken down at all. Mike Brown suggested that Dustin should go for a take down against Holloway. Just awful. Awful coaching, because he was handily winning the fight and causing the most damage. That was the worst coaching I’ve ever seen and it almost cost Dustin the fight. You could see his energy went down by 50% after one round of trying to take down the legendary Holloway who never gets taken down. Why would you try to take down a guy who has a 100% take down defense in about 10 fights? If Poirier doesn’t have a specific strategy and just brawls with Khabib, he is going to get exhausted, because Khabib’s pressure and cardio is the best in the division. Everyone he has faced gasses out long before he does, and that’s part of why he wins. Because he wins through pressure, and attrition. That’s why everyone wants to see Khabib vs. Ferguson. Because Ferguson doesn’t get tired, so it would be a more “fair” fight against Khabib, who wins by outlasting everyone. Poirier needs to remain calm, don’t go to the ground, and don’t try to wrestle with Khabib to prove a point. Preserving his cardio for big explosive strikes needs to be his primary concern, because he can survive and land big shots which can win him a decision. But he can’t do that if he tries to show off his wrestling and prove a point against Khabib, which I suspect he will do. I suspect Dustin loses via exhaustion, and a TKO stoppage due to not being able to fight back in the 4th or 5th round. It will be because of ego, and a poor execution of strategy, and not because of a lack of skill. But he could rise to the occasion, and he could knock out Khabib, because he has the power and the ferocity to do it. I just would’t place a bet on Poirier, because his isn’t a strategist, he is still a brawler.

  2. While you try to make a good argument for poirier don’t let your American bias see what it only wants too see . Khabib has never been stopped & has never not taken an opponent down . We know what happens when their down. Send me your details & I’ll take your bet for Dustin

  3. This is more of a reply to Ally B… I agree that this article persists in suggesting a path to victory for Dustin. It’s actually the best pro-Dustin argument that I’ve yet read but I want to address a few things. 1) Khabib has failed to take an opponent down. He was not able to take down Gleison Tibau…just saying.

    Now, regarding the article.

    I agree that Khabib does tend to start with a “bad shot” but it’s not for no reason. He makes contact, makes a threat and then chains, sometimes. The thing about Dustin getting Khabib against the cage is that Dustin stands square once there and while he could land on Khabib and put him out, similar to how Stipe did to DC in the fight ending sequence, Khabib will always have the opportunity to clinch and wrestle…this leaves Dustin 2 options, 1) continue swinging and hope the offense has impact before he goes down (in my opinion the better option) OR defend the take down and cease the offense, and probably still be taken down.

    I have to agree that Poirier just keeps getting better. But, I really think that he hurt Max early and that kept him off the rest of the fight. That and the fact that Max did not properly come up to 155, seemingly.

    I really do think Dustin could TKO Khabib but I have to say, I think that UNLESS it’s a clean KO, I think Khabib wrestles through it and maintains dominate top position throughout. Poirier has excelled against all stand up fighters and this will be his first outing (at least at LW) against a legitimate chain wrestling threat. I believe Khabib’s chain wrestling will flourish against a box-stanced fence puncher like Poirier.

    I will NEVER count out a flash KO as an option but I also refuse to consider it as a substantial purposeful victory as it can happen to anyone, and has.

    ALSO, I think Khabib tactfully has taken the third round off, albeit only shown in 3 rounders, I believe that if his opponent pushes the pace, he will push it harder.

    Khabib, Rear Naked Choke round 3.

  4. Khabib Nurmagomedov is way better and more of a complete fighter. Not saying that Dustin is bad but not enough for The Eagle