Jay Perrin

Aoriqileng will be riding the momentum from his first win when he fights Jay Perrin at UFC 278.

Jay Perrin is currently battling back from a difficult situation that Aoriqileng was no stranger to just last year. Having just lost his UFC debut, Perrin, who was on a two-fight win streak prior to the UFC, is looking to show fans his true potential.

Aoriqileng last fought at UFC Fight Night: Lemos vs. Andrade earlier this year, where he picked up a first-round TKO against Cameron Else. The “Mongolian Murderer” has become a fan favorite with his push-forward aggressive style. He will now pit up against the slick boxing of Jay “The Joker” Perrin.

Betting Odds

Aoriqileng will come into the bout as the -196 favorite. Those who put $100 on Perrin to win look to make $153 in profits if he pulls off the win.


Aoriqileng is extremely aggressive. He is a fighter that is always moving forward, and his very awkward striking game makes him a difficult opponent to react to inside the moment. He tends to bob and weave his way in at awkward angles, but what makes this more effective is that he correlates his punches to his movement, adding power onto his uppercuts as he rises through or rolling straights and overhangs from atop his shoulder as he dips in. His arms move so erratically that this does leave his head open at times, but due to his aggressive activity, his opponents tend to have to deal with him while on the backfoot.

Jay Perrin is a very slick fighter who also likes to box. He has good crisp combinations, and his greatest strength is his ability to mix up good technical attacks between the body and head, chipping away at all targets at once. His jab is very clean and one of his most solid weapons, which also means that taking out his leg is a good priority for anyone finding difficulty with his jab. He utilizes a wider stance than what we usually see from Aoriqileng, although the Chinese fighter made adjustments in this area in just his last fight. Expect both men to be very mobile in this one and push one another to be constantly moving. What Perrin will have to be most wary of is counters, as he has shown a tendency to get clipped after he himself lands cleanly and cannot exit. Aori is the less polished striker, but he has power and is unpredictable.

In terms of grappling, Aoriqileng also demonstrated a willingness to blend all his abilities in his last fight. He took a more composed approach and focused on positioning and establishing hooks while his opponent was dazed rather than blood-hunting the KO.

Herrin has tremendous trips, sweeps, and hip tosses in the clinch particularly, and once he gets on top, he has very good pressure, although it’s ground and pound he wants, not so much a submission. Perrin has not shown an ability to maintain control in the UFC yet, although he has great takedowns. He can shoot long and sometimes gets caught finishing on his knees instead of running through, but technically he is very good, and his timing is great. However,r his scrambling ability will also make getting to an established position difficult for Aori if he is not already hurt.


I believe that this is likely one of the best underdog bets on the card. Perrin has not shown victory in the octagon yet, so he still needs to answer that question and rise to the occasion. Aoriqileng will also be the one coming in with momentum.

However, Perrin has the crisper, cleaner boxing, and Aoriqileng leaves himself exposed when he commits forward; it would be wise for both men to chip away at each other’s legs. If Perrin can halt some of that forward pressure and force Aoriqileng to trade and move in the pocket, I think he lands more and finds the cleanest shots.

Prediction: Jay Perrin to win (+153 odds at MyBookie)

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