UFC 276 Predictions: Fighters pick Volkanovski vs. Holloway winner 1

The Alexander Volkanovski vs. Max Holloway trilogy bout takes place this weekend at UFC 276 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. UFC 276 is a PPV event and will stream live only on ESPN+ in the United States.

Volkanovski defeated Holloway by unanimous decision at UFC 245 in 2019 to claim the featherweight title. He then defended the title against Holloway in a closer, split decision in July 2020.

Since then, Holloway has recorded unanimous decision wins against Calvin Kattar and also Yair Rodriguez. Both fights won ‘Fight of the Night’ awards and helped Holloway to a position to challenge Volkanovski yet again.

Volkanovski, too, has managed two wins since his last fight with Holloway. In 2021, he defeated Brian Ortega by unanimous decision. In April this year, Volkanovski stopped “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung at UFC 273 to defend his title once more.

Volkanovski and Holloway will share the cage once more. Will Volkanovski defend the title again or will Holloway reclaim the featherweight title? Learn what UFC fighters have to say as they shared their Volkanovski vs. Holloway predictions in a recent video with James Lynch.

Watch Volkanovski vs. Holloway

  • Date: Saturday, July 2
  • Time: PPV Main Card starts at 10 pm ET
  • Watch: ESPN+ PPV (order here)

Alexander Volkanovski vs. Max Holloway is the co-main event of the UFC 276 PPV main card this weekend. Fight fans can order the event on the ESPN+ website to watch Volkanovski vs. Holloway, as well as Adesanya vs. Cannonier and O’Malley vs. Munhoz this Saturday night.

UFC 276 Predictions: Fighters pick Volkanovski vs. Holloway winner 2

Volkanovski vs. Holloway predictions

Brandon Royval

“That’s going to be such a good fight. Who takes that? I don’t even know. I still feel like it’s been back-and-forth this whole entire time. I’ll go Max Holloway and let’s just see what happens I guess.” (via James Lynch)

Cody Stamann

“I always think Max Holloway is going to win every single time they fight. I see him fight other guys and I’m like wow, he makes it look super easy. But Volkanovski just finds a way to win. That guy is a champion. I’m not betting against Volkanovski again. I really think Volkanovski is the best 145-pounder.” (via James Lynch)

Damon Jackson

“I just don’t think Max has what it takes to beat him in every way. And I think that the way he has been fighting now, it’s kind of like, I think Max loses that fight by — I’m thinking it ends up going all the way. I think Max has a good enough chin to not get dropped and hurt too bad but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets TKO’d or if he gets caught with something. But, I think the wrestling pressure plus just the craziness to throw down, I think Max loses that.” (via James Lynch)

UFC 276 Predictions: Fighters pick Volkanovski vs. Holloway winner 2

Davey Grant

“I think Max. Don’t get me wrong, I think Alex is one of the best champions. His last fight, he looked fantastic didn’t he, to be able to do that to the Zombie. It was pretty amazing. I think he’s in such good fights and I like him, he seems like a nice guy, but I feel like in the first fight Max just lost. I feel like the second fight, Max could have probably won it. When I watched the fight I thought Max might have just edged it. With it being so close and the training camp that they’ve put into this next one, I think it’ll just be what’s going to take him to get the decision on this one. I think it’ll be a fantastic fight either way.” (via James Lynch)

Jasmine Jasudavicius

“Honestly, I want to go with Max. For my heart, I want to go with Max. But, I think that Volkanovski is going to win. I think he’s super talented, he’s good everywhere. I think that he’ll take it, unfortunately. But I want to Max to win. I hope he does.” (via James Lynch)

Eryk Anders

“I thought Holloway might have got him the second time, so I think he’ll get him the third time.” (via James Lynch)

Curtis Blaydes

“I want Holloway to win. But I don’t know. I think Volkanovski may have cracked the code when it comes to Holloway, which I never thought would be a possibility. He looked a lot better in the second fight than he did the first fight, which is amazing because he looked amazing in the first fight. So, yeah, I’m going to go with Volkanovski. But I want Holloway to win.” (via James Lynch)

Adrian Yanez

“That’s a good one. It’s too close to call for me. But just because I’m a big fan of Holloway, I’m going with Holloway.” (via James Lynch)

Jack Della Maddalena

“I’ll have to stick to Volk. I honestly think he’s probably the pound-for-pound number one fighter at the moment. Those two fights with Max have been so tight and I reckon that he’ll probably get the win this time as well. I think he might even get the finish this time. I’ll be backing him to get the finish to really put a stamp on that trilogy fight.” (via James Lynch)

UFC 276 Predictions: Fighters pick Volkanovski vs. Holloway winner 2

Jeff Molina

“That’s a pick’em. Every time they fight, Volkanovski looks great. He’s looked great in his last couple of performances. Holloway had a very competitive fight with Yair Rodriguez, but it’s Yair Rodriguez, and styles make fights. And Rodriguez was very durable in that fight. Very tough. Kept coming forward. I guess I’ll lean Volkanovski just for the way he has looked in his performances and he’s been an active champ, so I’ll go Volk.” (via James Lynch)

Johnny Munoz Jr

“Volkanovski has been looking good lately, man. But in my opinion, I thought Holloway won those two fights. I don’t know. I want to say Holloway but I feel Volkanovski’s improved, he’s been looking really good in his last two fights. I’m going to go Volk on this one.” (via James Lynch)

Joe Solecki

“I’m going to go with Volk. I think he’s made the adjustments. He looks damn near unbeatable right now.” (via James Lynch)

Neil Magny

“I think Max is going to come away with this one. The dude has been chasing to get his belt back for a long time. I think he goes out and gets it done.” (via James Lynch)

Jared Cannonier

“I wouldn’t give the edge to either of them. They have both shown that they deserve to hold a title. Unfortunately, there’s only one. So, I’m positive Holloway is f—ing motivated to go in there and prove that without a doubt he’s better than Volkanovski. And Volkanovski is like ‘nah, mate,’ so it’s going to be a good fight.” (via James Lynch)

Charles Johnson

“I think Volk has got his number, man. Max could be the greatest ever at that weight class for a second there and then Volk came. I think some guys it’s just matchups, and I think Volk kind of has his number. I think that’s a toss-up, honestly. But if I was to roll with anybody it’d be Volk.” (via James Lynch)

UFC 276 Predictions: Fighters pick Volkanovski vs. Holloway winner 2

Daniel Rodriguez

“I’m going to have to go with Max Holloway, man. I’m a huge Max Holloway fan and I think hopefully he took notes and went back to the drawing board and went back and worked on what they needed to work on.” (via James Lynch)

Kyle Daukaus

“I’ve always been a fan of Max. Volk has kind of grown on me now, lately. But I don’t know. I think Max will take it.” (via James Lynch)

Nate Maness

“It just seems to be a bad matchup for Max. I’m a big fan, but if my money was on the line I’d have to go Volkanovski probably by decision again.” (via James Lynch)

Josh Emmett

It’s tough. Volkanovksi, decisively, I had him winning four of the five rounds. And then the second fight was so close and somewhat controversial but Max continues to get better and better. Even though he’s at the top of his game, the guy still gets better and better. Fan of both of the guys. Volkanovski still gets better and better, so I don’t know how it plays out. They’ve fought each other for 50 minutes, it’s hard to go against the champion who is on some 21 or 22-fight winning streak. He’s undefeated in the UFC and beat some of the best guys in the world, so I think Volkanovski, in my eyes, he’s the GOAT because he beat of all the GOATs. (via James Lynch)

Alexander Volkanovski vs. Max Holloway 3 features on the UFC 276 main card. Order the PPV on ESPN+ to watch this fight and every main card fight live on Saturday night.

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