Jorge Masvidal has his hand raised following a UFC win

Jorge Masvidal is blessed with many options for his next fight, such that a welterweight title shot against Kamaru Usman may even be the lowest in the pecking order.

There’s a potential money fight with Conor McGregor while Nick Diaz has been campaigning for a fight with Masvidal too. Masvidal is even open to venturing into the boxing world and potentially facing Floyd Mayweather.

It all depends on how they fall in line.

“The plan is Conor, Usman, Mayweather — whichever one of those falls in line and how they fall in line, that’s our plan you know?” Masvidal told Fansided in a recent interview. “I love to compete, I love to fight.”

If it does end up being that elusive title shot, Masvidal expects to wipe the floor with Usman.

“When I fight Usman, I’m gonna break his face,” he added. “I’ll say it right now on your show first — I’m gonna embarrass that dude. I’m gonna take him to school, drop him off, I’m gonna pick him back up, put him on the bus, take his ass home. That’s exactly what the fuck I’m gonna do to that guy.

“He can’t hang with me. He’s too one-dimensional, he’s not skilled. And he sure as hell ain’t tough. He doesn’t have that next-level grit in him. I’ve seen it many times. I saw it with the guy [Colby Covington] that cleans the mats for me after I’m done whooping his ass. Gave him as much as he can handle. What does he think is gonna happen when I put my paws on him?”

Speaking of Covington, there was no love lost between him and Masvidal after the former suffered a fifth-round TKO defeat to Usman at UFC 245 this past weekend.

Covington notably suffered a broken jaw during the fight and will likely be out for a while. Masvidal wouldn’t even be surprised if he never returned to the Octagon.

“I don’t think he comes back,” he said.

But if he does and they end up fighting, Masvidal has a very clear game plan.

“Twenty-four minutes of beating his ass, and then put him out,” he added.

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