Daniel Cormier celebrates with his two UFC titles

Daniel Cormier still believes his American Kickboxing Academy teammate Cain Velasquez is the greatest heavyweight champion of all time. That said, a second win over Stipe Miocic would make it hard to deny himself.

Cormier defends his heavyweight title against Stipe Miocic in the main event of UFC 241 on Saturday night. Miocic is regarded by many as the greatest heavyweight champion of all time after he broke the record for most title defenses with three.

However, he was unable to make it four as “DC” knocked him out in the first round of their UFC 226 encounter last year. As a result, Cormier entered the conversation. The former light heavyweight champion didn’t only manage to knock out Miocic but is also undefeated throughout his heavyweight career.

Of course, Cormier rates two-time heavyweight champion Velasquez as the greatest in the division. But even he acknowledges that given his credentials and a second win over Miocic, he could lay claim to that title.

“I still believe Cain Velasquez is the greatest UFC heavyweight champion of all time,” Cormier told WKYC. “But, you know, two reigns [in different divisions] with two title defenses. It’s hard to do that.

“I think my resume stands alongside anyone in the world. And if I can beat Stipe, a guy who’s considered the greatest heavyweight of all time twice, then, yeah. I’m definitely in the conversation.”

Cormier even believes his resume is enough to put him in the conversation for greatest fighter of all time. However, according to his criterion, anyone with a failed drug test doesn’t qualify — which rules out rival Jon Jones and Anderson Silva.

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