Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor, the name synonymous with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), is a figure who needs no introduction in the world of combat sports.

A former two-division champion in the UFC, McGregor’s flamboyant personality and fighting prowess have made him one of his generation’s most recognizable and influential athletes.

After a hiatus marked by a devastating leg injury and a whirlwind of controversies, “The Notorious” has recently laid out a tantalizing three-fight plan for his return to the UFC.

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of McGregor’s ambitious comeback, including opponents, dates, and the challenges he faces in his quest to reclaim glory. Buckle up, as we explore everything we know about Conor McGregor’s next fight.

Conor McGregor’s Return Plan

Conor McGregor’s return to the UFC is not just a comeback; it’s a meticulously planned three-fight journey that has fans and pundits alike buzzing with anticipation.

The Irish superstar has revealed his intentions to face Michael Chandler at UFC 296 in December, followed by a “BMF” title fight with Justin Gaethje, and culminating in a trilogy bout with Nate Diaz in 2024.

“Chandler next, December,” McGregor said in a recent interview. “And then Gaethje ‘BMF’ (title fight). And then we’ll do Nate trilogy.”

But McGregor’s return is not without its complexities. One of the significant hurdles he must overcome is the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) testing program. Fighters who have been out of the testing pool must undergo at least six months of clean testing before being allowed to compete again. This rule could potentially delay McGregor’s planned fight in December, unless he receives a waiver similar to the one granted to ex-heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar in 2016.

UFC president Dana White has assured fans that McGregor’s plan is still on track, despite the testing requirements. “Chandler (is next),” McGregor confirmed. “I have to. I’ll just (smack) him. I’ll just grab him.”

The First Fight: Michael Chandler

The opening act of Conor McGregor’s return is set to be a thrilling encounter with Michael Chandler, a formidable opponent with a record of 23-8 in MMA and 2-3 in the UFC. Chandler, known for his explosive power and wrestling acumen, has been a prominent figure in the lightweight division.

The matchup between McGregor and Chandler is intriguing on many levels. Both fighters possess knockout power, but their approaches differ. McGregor’s precision striking and ability to control distance contrast with Chandler’s aggressive style and relentless pressure. The fight could be a battle of strategies, with McGregor aiming to keep Chandler at bay with his reach and timing, while Chandler seeks to close the distance and utilize his wrestling.

The coaching stint on “The Ultimate Fighter 31” adds another layer of complexity to this fight, as both fighters have had the opportunity to study each other up close. The mind games have already begun, with McGregor teasing that he might not fight Chandler, only to confirm later that the fight is on. “Chandler (is next),” McGregor said. “I have to. I’ll just (smack) him. I’ll just grab him.”

The Second Fight: Justin Gaethje

The second fight in McGregor’s return plan is a potential clash with Justin Gaethje, a fighter known for his ferocious intensity and crowd-pleasing style. Gaethje’s record stands at 25-4 in MMA and 8-4 in the UFC, with many of his wins coming via knockout.

The “BMF” title fight adds a unique twist to this matchup, symbolizing a battle for supremacy and bragging rights. Gaethje’s aggressive stand-up game, combined with his wrestling background, presents a challenging puzzle for McGregor. The Irishman’s tactical acumen and adaptability will be tested against Gaethje’s relentless pace and power.

This fight could be a war of attrition, with both fighters willing to engage in a stand-up brawl. The stakes are high, and the anticipation for this potential clash is immense. McGregor has been vocal about his desire to face Gaethje, and the fans are eagerly awaiting what could be a fight for the ages.

The Trilogy Bout: Nate Diaz

The final chapter of McGregor’s three-fight plan is a trilogy bout with Nate Diaz, a rivalry that has captivated fans since their first encounter in 2016. Diaz’s record of 21-13 in MMA and 16-11 in the UFC reflects his experience and resilience.

The previous two fights between McGregor and Diaz were instant classics. In their first encounter, Diaz shocked the world with a second-round submission victory over McGregor. The Irish superstar avenged his loss with a majority decision win in a thrilling rematch five months later.

The trilogy bout promises to be an epic conclusion to one of the most storied rivalries in MMA history. Both fighters have evolved since their last meeting, and the stakes have never been higher. Will McGregor’s precision and power prevail, or will Diaz’s durability and ground game prove decisive? The expectations are sky-high, and the predictions are varied, but one thing is certain: the McGregor-Diaz trilogy bout is a fight that no MMA fan will want to miss.

Challenges and Controversies

Conor McGregor’s return to the UFC is laden with challenges and controversies that add layers of complexity to his comeback story. One of the most significant hurdles is the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) testing program.

McGregor must undergo at least six months of clean testing before being allowed to compete again, a requirement that could potentially delay his planned fight in December. The only precedent for waiving this requirement was in 2016 for ex-heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, a decision that later resulted in a positive test for a banned substance.

The possibility of a similar waiver for McGregor has raised eyebrows and sparked debates within the MMA community. It’s a situation that underscores the fine line between accommodating a star athlete and maintaining the integrity of the sport.

McGregor’s penchant for mind games and provocative public statements adds another dimension to the challenges and controversies surrounding his return. His teasing of potential opponents, ambiguous comments about his fighting plans, and bold callouts are all part of the McGregor mystique. These tactics keep fans engaged but also create uncertainty and speculation.

Whether it’s the USADA testing program, the potential waiver, or McGregor’s own enigmatic behavior, the path to his return is fraught with obstacles and intrigue. It’s a narrative that transcends the fights themselves and speaks to the broader issues of fairness, ethics, and the power of personality in modern sports.


Conor McGregor’s next fight is more than a return to the octagon; it’s a multifaceted saga that encapsulates the drama, excitement, and complexity of MMA. From the meticulously planned three-fight journey to the challenges and controversies that surround it, McGregor’s comeback is a microcosm of the sport itself.

His matchups with Michael Chandler, Justin Gaethje, and Nate Diaz promise thrilling encounters filled with skill, strategy, and intensity. The challenges he faces, including the USADA testing program and the potential waiver, reflect the broader struggles of balancing star power with integrity.

McGregor’s return means more than just exciting fights; it’s a testament to the resilience, ambition, and allure of one of MMA’s most iconic figures. His journey back to the cage is a story that resonates with fans, critics, and casual observers alike.

As we await the unfolding of this captivating narrative, we invite you to share your thoughts, predictions, and opinions. Follow us for updates, engage in the conversation, and be part of the excitement that is Conor McGregor’s return to the UFC.

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