CM Punk backstage

If CM Punk is to compete in mixed martial arts again, he doesn’t need anyone telling him he should be fighting outside of the UFC — he’ll be the first to acknowledge that himself.

UFC president Dana White has also said it is unlikely that the former WWE star fights under the promotion again. However, Punk believes given his friendship with White, he could very well get a third fight if he asked for it.

“I don’t know,” Punk said on Collider Live! if he’ll return to the sport. “I’ll never say never. I doubt I’ll fight in the UFC again. I’ve had those conversations with Dana.

“He says stuff to the media and then he’ll say something different to you in person. But I’m still great friends with him, great situation. …I think if I went to him and I was like ‘hey, can I get a third fight?’ I think he’d say yeah.”

Punk made his highly-anticipated debut at UFC 203 in September 2016 but was outclassed by Mickey Gall who submitted him in the first round. The Chicago native got a second opportunity at UFC 225 in his hometown of Chicago in June last year.

He would lose again, this time to Mike Jackson, but would last the full 15 minutes — something he saw as a victory in itself.

However, at this moment, Punk doesn’t think he will ask for another fight at least in the UFC.

“This big part of me is like ‘okay, I’m 0-2.’ If I fight, I should fight somewhere else,” he added. “Just do everything backwards — start in the UFC and just work your way down and end as an amateur.”

In the end, Punk is grateful for having had the chance to compete in two UFC fights.

“… I was afforded an opportunity to fight. I’m a guy who is going to to be like ‘yep’ — I say yes to everything,” he concluded.

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