Charles Jourdain participates in the UFC Fight Night

The word prospect is thrown around way too often nowadays, and it’s obvious why; in a world full of Sage Northcutt’s and Sean O’Malley’s, it’s hard not to be impressed with the young talent surfacing from the regional scene. However many fail to see through the smoke and mirrors of trash talk and media built hype, but once you do, the future stars of mixed martial arts emerge.

A prospect isn’t determined by skills on the mic or fancy suits, but the skills manifested inside the unforgiving cage.

I present to you, Charles Jourdain: The ultimate featherweight prospect.

Charles “Air” Jourdain

At first glance, many wouldn’t regard Charles “Air” Jourdain (9-2) as a prospect. The Canadian made his UFC debut in a short-notice fight where he was stepping up a weight class against Desmond Green in Rochester, New York, and was defeated via unanimous decision.

Despite losing, Jourdain showcased incredible skill, timing, and precision by tagging the larger Green on multiple occasions. His unorthodox style makes it hard for opponents to not only prepare but predict for what they’re up against.

Standing at 5-foot-9, he is around the average height of a featherweight in the world’s biggest promotion. Nevertheless, it is not his stature that makes the French-Canadian so intriguing but his prodigious ability to fight.

“Air” has finished all nine of his wins, with six knockouts and three submissions, and before debuting in the UFC was the TKO MMA featherweight champion. He captured the title in December after a first-round guillotine win; this 4-minute fight displayed the 23-year-old’s unique stand-up and polished ground game as he was able to yet again brush off another experienced opponent.

When the young, flashy Jourdain smells blood, its the beginning of the end. Few have escaped the almost-inevitable outcome that awaits them when they step into the cage with him, but if they do, they leave questioning their career paths. A great example of this is the prospects obliteration of Matar Lo – he sent his opponent into orbit with a series of powerful hooks.

Charles Jourdain: The ultimate featherweight prospect 1

Being just 23 years of age, Jourdain easily has another decade to perfect his craft and varnish his silverware, which is a scary thought considering how impressive he already looks.

Whether you were satisfied with his debut or not, it goes without question that Charles Jourdain belongs in the UFC. He will soon possess all the skills necessary to hang with the very best 145-pound fighters on the planet. Just imagine Jourdain competing against the likes of Doo Ho Choi and Jeremy Stephens – it would be utter carnage inside the octagon.

The next step for “Air” is being gifted another opportunity by the promotion, this time with a full training camp so we able to witness what he is truly capable of at his optimal weight class of 145-pounds.

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