Henry Cejudo celebrates his UFC Flyweight Title Bout win over Demetrious Johnson

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  1. Nice article, agree with most of it, wondering if the weight cut is going to hurt TJ in later rounds…

    I’m off train in Rousey, very overated imo, fought two real fighters, got her ass kicked by both, no shame in that, it happens, but she handled with no class, no post fight interviews, no rematches, just acted like it never happened….imo she’s like Tyson, front runner no championship heart

    Take GSP, two losses, avenged both, didn’t cry, took his lumps, especially after Serra loss, came back and smoked him in rematch

    Ronda was ducking Cyborg (that’s why she fought at 135) and bullying lesser fighters, I get it she built celebrity, got paid, good for her, but as a fighter she’s an after thought, one dimensional and a sore loser, mentally weak, she didn’t have the mettle to stand in there under pressure….Olympian, respects for that, but fight game a different animal, it’s like all of the ju jitsu “legends” who turtle up once they’re getting punched in the face in mma, it’s easy when it just grappling and no one can hit back….enjoyed your article, take it easy.

    1. Yea I agree, Dillashaw has been pretty vocal that the cut is going well, but if it isn’t that’s a different story