Pancrase 313

Originally slated to take place this upcoming weekend on March 8, fans will have to wait a little longer to see the Pancrase 313 fight card go down.

This, of course, due to the ongoing concern of the coronavirus outbreak throughout Asia. There have been more than 900 confirmed cases of the coronavirus throughout Japan alone, forcing the closure of multiple schools in the country indefinitely. Last Friday in Singapore, ‘ONE: King of the Jungle’ took place behind closed doors in an empty arena due to the outbreak.

Pancrase announced the news via press release after a couple weeks of unconfirmed speculation. In the same press release, Pancrase also announced the plans to move said show to April 12. That day in Tokyo just so happens to be the same day as Pancrase 314. The newly moved Pancrase 313 show will take place during the daytime in Japan, as Pancrase 314 goes down at night time. Meaning that the day’s UFC Fight Pass schedule will be a nice Japanese MMA double-header.

The current Pancrase 313 fight card includes just seven fights, including an interim lightweight title clash between Genpei Hayashi and Tatsuya Saika. Meanwhile at Pancrase 314, nine fights are currently confirmed. Including an interim strawweight title-fight between The Ultimate Fighter veteran Adam Antolin and longtime champion Mitsuhisa Sunabe.

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