Rhodri Morgan
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Rhodri Morgan is a combat sports writer based out of London, England. When not covering MMA, he can be found roaming the halls of a south London Wholefoods, finding a dog to befriend and rolling in the doomed pursuit of the perfect kimura.

Bi Nguyen is ready for war at ONE Championship debut: “I don’t even know who she is… I don’t care.”

There’s something universally relatable about an underdog. The concept forms the basis of the ‘American Dream’ and holds much significance in the world of combat sports. Events like Henry Cooper’s knockdown of Ali and Matt Serra’s unthinkable win over the…

UFC featherweight prospect Bobby Moffett on his campaign to rebrand the D’Arce choke

In September 2017, we witnessed the rare occurrence of what might be a jiu-jitsu rebrand. Ovince Saint Preux secured his third Von Flue choke submission win (one of five in UFC history), and with it, the position’s new moniker, the…