Yoel Romero joins Anthony "Rumble" Johnson in Bellator's light heavyweight division 1

Yoel Romero has been picked up by Bellator MMA not long after Scott Coker and the promotion suggested that they were not interested in signing the UFC veteran.

The “Soldier of God” is expected to debut at light heavyweight and will appear under the Bellator banner in 2021 as well as another UFC veteran, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

In this video, Patrick Auger, Matthew Wells, and Drake Riggs react to the news and share their opinions on who they would like to see Yoel Romero fight first over in Bellator.

Wells reminds everyone that we’ve been saying not to trust these promoters and promotions who keep saying that they’re not interested in signing Romero and other ex-UFC fighters. He thinks Bellator is a great landing spot and it makes too much sense. Who wouldn’t want Yoel Romero?

Riggs says that he’s never been happier to have been lied to. He can’t understand what all the lying is about, either, as he can’t imagine the negotiation benefits to that. He’s all for this signing as Bellator provides some very exciting matchups.

Auger comments that Bellator had seemed like they were trying to change direction by not signing older fighters and instead looking to develop younger fighters. But signings like Romero and Rumble could be well worth it if they continue to perform at the standard we’ve expected from them.

So, with this signing is Bellator’s light heavyweight division better than the UFC’s?

Wells says “hell no.” With Adesanya coming to LHW and the potential of Jones coming back at any time, UFC is still far ahead of Bellator’s division.

Riggs was initially against Wells’ thoughts but started to have a think about it and believes UFC still has the edge. Riggs has Nemkov, Bader, Davis, and Anderson as four guys in the top ten light heavyweight fighters worldwide. We’ll have to see how Romero and Rumble look at LHW before he counts them but they could be huge additions.

Who should Yoel Romero fight?

Riggs says anyone but Lyoto Machida. Looks like Davis vs. Nemkov is next. Bader still the heavyweight champ and he might look after that title first. It depends who is ready first between Romero and “Rumble” and the one who is ready gets Corey Anderson? The other gets someone else.

Wells thinks Bellator will match Romero up against Melvin Manhoef in a showcase bout and then put him in there with Davis.

Auger likes the Davis matchup. He also likes the Anderson matchup a lot too. He would rather see the Davis one, though. He doesn’t want to see Bellator throw Romero at Anderson right now.

What are your thoughts on Yoel Romero joining Bellator? Let us know in the comments section below! We’d love to hear your opinion.

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