Will Brock Lesnar actually return to the UFC? 1

Could Brock Lesnar actually return to the UFC?

Patrick Auger, the host of The Fight Business Podcast, recently dived into the details of Brock Lesnar’s re-entry to free agency and examined whether Lesnar could actually return to fight in the promotion’s heavyweight division.

UFC president Dana White has suggested that Brock Lesnar vs. Jon Jones would be a great way for Jones to enter the heavyweight division, but all that will depend on how Lesnar negotiates with the WWE and other interested parties.

Auger reminds fans that Lesnar has, for the most part, always let his contract lapse to create bidding wars. Auger also believes that Lesnar isn’t in a position to receive a stronger offer than he once did to face Daniel Cormier.

Auger expects Lesnar to go back to WWE, but says “you never know,” especially with the UFC desperately seeking stars to help sell PPVs amid the pandemic.

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