Why Jackson Wink is the perfect gym for Claressa Shields to prepare for MMA debut 1

Olympic gold medalist boxer Claressa Shields has announced her plans to make her professional mixed martial arts debut in 2021. The two-division boxing champion has signed with Professional Fighters League (PFL) and is aiming to compete at least twice next year.

This week, we learned that Shields has been training with the mixed martial arts team at renowned gym Jackson Wink. That leads us to the question of whether Jackson Wink is the right gym to help Claressa Shields to transition into MMA?

Matthew Wells and Ant Walker both think so.

Walker says it’s a great place to be. She could get great instruction at many other gyms nationwide but Jackson Wink provides something truly unique and they’ve got the track record of taking a pro boxer in Holly Holm and turning her into a UFC champion. Holm was able to translate her boxing style into MMA successfully and that’s something the team will be looking to replicate with Shields.

Wells says there’s no better gym at game-planning. They’ll be able to use Shields’ strengths. With Jon Jones and Holm there by her side, she’s going to gain lots of experience very quickly.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Claressa Shields debut in 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

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