Weili Zhang vs. Rose Namajunas is no longer a sure thing 1

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  1. IMO, who gets the fight first among the top contenders is who can face Weili soonest. If Rose agrees to take it shortly, that’s my preference. If Carla or even JJ, can take it sooner, I’m good with either of them. Carla has the record, and having participated in one of the greatest fights, if not THE greatest fights in WMMA, JJ has certainly earned a rematch. Barring an injury, Weili strikes me as a fighter that would like to fight as frequently as possible. so whoever is not taken first, should not have to wait that long for their opportunity. I think the UFC is saving Yan for a fight in China which may take some time. I do think that given the nature of her injury and the length of time she’s been out of action, Tatiana should take a tune up fight before facing either Weili or JJ.