Stephen A. Smith's ridiculous comments about women fighting in mixed martial arts 1

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  1. Why is it so disrespectful to women? I’m no fan of Steven A. Smith. I think he knows next to nothing about MMA and just follows that tired old formula of trying to talk like a standup comedian vs having anything knowledgeable to say about MMA. He’s a brick when it comes to fight science. Total dolt. But while I don’t share his dislike of women’s MMA I can understand why he doesn’t want to see women punching each other in the face. It is just his opinion, and he says as much. There are folks who don’t like to see men do it either. Further he goes on to say he’s not out to try and stop it, just doesn’t like it. OK? So why all the tears then, Nichols? Is that opinion not allowed in your triggered little world? Should he be fired and run out of town by cancel culture princesses like you? Your entire article is just one big virtue signaling train wreck. You are obviously suffering from low T. It’s OK dude, it’s treatable. Push back from the keyboard, get up and go see your doctor.