Kamaru Usman vs. Nate Diaz would be the most undeserved title shot in UFC history 1

In our latest video, Patrick Auger, Ant Walker, and Drake Riggs discuss the Kamaru Usman vs. Nate Diaz back-and-forth and essentially throw this fight in the bin just days after the idea was brought to light.

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After a series of tweets earlier this week, it seems that UFC welterweight champion Usman welcomes the idea of fighting Nate Diaz in what would be one of the most incredibly undeserved title shots in the promotion’s history.

Diaz recently lost to talented welterweight contender Leon Edwards by unanimous decision at UFC 263 but stunned fans with a somewhat miraculous moment late in the fifth round that could have resulted in one of the most memorable comebacks of all time.

But for the most part, Diaz was definitively outworked by the far more talented welterweight fighter.

Diaz took to Twitter and wrote, “Who dis guy fighting next? Someone he already koed,” with a facepalm emoji.

Usman replied, “I see you 209. If you really want this 187 then call your boy Hunter.”

Let’s get rid of this idea immediately. It’s terrible and shouldn’t even exist.

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  1. Leon Edwards turned the fight down… all Nate said was he wants the fight… undeserved, not more than Brock lesnar when he won it. The heavyweight division has given away the belt to Tim Silvia, he sucks, so NO, not the undeserved title shot you nit-wit