UFC Fight Island potentially unnecessary following U.S. travel exemption for foreign athletes 1

Ant Walker, Michael Fiedel, and Patrick Auger discuss the recently announced U.S. travel exemption for foreign athletes and how this may impact the UFC’s plans to host events on “Fight Island.”

Unable to transport athletes to the U.S., Dana White previously elected to secure a private island – prosaically coined Fight Island – to hold fights between international fighters unable to journey to the U.S.

Though no location for Fight Island has been disclosed, White has touted the idea as a way to salvage fights for foreign fighters and produce unfettered content amid the pandemic.

But the United States’ recent amendment to travel restrictions, allowing foreign athletes to be exempted from the restrictions, may render Fight Island unnecessary and the return of foreign fighters to the UFC’s American events inevitable.

Head over to thebodylockmma.com to read Michael Fiedel’s report: U.S. government issues travel exemption for foreign athletes, Fight Island potentially unnecessary

This is one part of a three-part conversation that is available exclusively on The Body Lock’s YouTube channel.

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