TJ Dillashaw is crazy to think he deserves an immediate UFC title shot

TJ Dillashaw’s two-year doping suspension ends in January, and the former champion wants an immediate shot at the bantamweight title.

“I want that title fight right away,” Dillashaw told ESPN. “That’s my belt, and I want to come back to a title fight.”

Ant Walker says that although we all want different things, we don’t always deserve them. Walker understands why Dillashaw wants to get right back into the title picture; that makes sense. Still, he doesn’t deserve the title shot because he tested positive for recombinant human erythropoietin (EPO) before fighting Henry Cejudo in January 2019. He cheated and shouldn’t re-enter at the top.

Wells agrees and says Dillashaw cheated and admitted it — why should he be granted an immediate title shot after cheating? It makes no sense. He should take another fight and prove that he can fight without cheating first before stepping in and competing against the champion. Get another two wins first, at least.

Walker says that this isn’t like when Anderson Silva tested positive. Silva’s game wasn’t based on abnormal strength and raw power. Instead, it was more based on timing, fight IQ, and picking the right shots. However, Dillashaw made his run to the belt and his successful title defenses because of his endless cardio. That’s exactly what EPO provides. That’s the perfect drug for high volume, excellent conditioning. He says that Dillashaw’s level of cognitive dissonance is amazing.

Surprisingly, Dillashaw even said that he could justify using EPO if he had won.

Wells says that trying to justify cheating will never sit right with him. In MMA, you’re literally causing bodily harm at a higher level because of substances you’re taking.

So, who would we like to see TJ Dillashaw fight when he returns?

Wells asks for the Frankie Edgar fight.

Walker wants a fight with Urijah Faber.

Fights with Sandhagen and other contenders would be great, but we need a level of interest there.

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