Should Jan Blachowicz fight Israel Adesanya or Glover Teixeira next? 1

Glover Teixeira clearly deserves a light heavyweight title shot after his big win against Thiago Santos on the weekend. The only question is whether he should have to wait for Israel Adesanya to fight Jan Blachowicz first?

After defeating Santos, Teixeira said: “Dana White, come on man, I’m an old man over here. You’re going to give the shot to [Israel] Adesanya and make me wait? Five fights in a row, beating these young guys. It’s not easy. Give me that title shot.”

So, should Adesanya vs. Blachowicz wait for now?

Here’s what Patrick Auger and Matthew Wells have to say.

Wells states that if we’re going by merit in the division, then Glover “100 percent” deserves the next shot.

Auger agrees on the decision based on merit but is concerned that Teixeira wouldn’t provide a competitive fight for Adesanya down the track. If he is asked to fight Adesanya, not Blachowicz (depending on the title picture plays out), then Auger feels like he’ll almost certainly lose that fight. He believes a title shot for Teixeira feels like a present from the UFC.

Wells has no problems with that, though. After all, Teixeira is well respected in the MMA community.

One point of concern, however, is that if Adesanya does fight Blachowicz and wins, then it’ll likely cause Jon Jones to take another look at the light heavyweight division. And if that’s the case, then it’s likely the UFC will look past Teixeira once more in favor of that mega-fight between Adesanya and Jones.

What do you think? How should the LHW title picture play out from here?




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