Movsar Evloev accepts Nate Landwehr’s callout, details recent motorcycle crash and recovery

On this episode of Fighting Words, host Michael Fiedel speaks with UFC featherweight Movsar Evloev.

Evloev gives an update regarding his current situation, explaining how the ongoing pandemic has impacted his ability to train. Evloev is now completing most of his training at home and on rare occasions is able to spar with a handful of others.

The undefeated Russian fighter was recently called out by Nate Landwehr after the latter defeated Darren Elkins in May. The two are very familiar with each other considering their time competing for M-1 Global. Evloev recalls that he wanted to fight Landwehr when they were both in M1 but the fight never worked out because he was signed to the UFC first.

Since joining the UFC, Evloev admits to forgetting about Landwehr as he has been looking up the rankings for high-quality opponents that would help him move closer to a title shot. But following Landwehr’s callout, Evloev felt like he needed to respond. Evloev recently posted an image on Instagram that compared Landwehr to Peter Dinklage’s character in Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister. Evloev says that he didn’t want to offend Dinklage because he’s actually more handsome than Landwehr and states that he doesn’t enjoy engaging in trash talk with his opponents but feels like he has a right to retaliate to the recent callout.

Evloev is glad the UFC is pushing forward amid the pandemic and ensures that, despite current travel restrictions in Russia, he’ll find a way to travel for a UFC fight as long as he has approximately four weeks of notice.

The 26-year-old’s objective is to secure a fight with a top 10-15 ranked opponent following a fight with Landwehr — one that would give him access to more respected fighters in the featherweight division.

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