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Last weekend’s UFC Fight Night was a “complete disaster”

Last weekend’s UFC Fight Night was a “complete disaster”

It seemed like everything that could go wrong actually went wrong for the UFC in Las Vegas last weekend.

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Per Tapology, the UFC Fight Night event ended up with 12 canceled or fizzled bouts.

Nolan King of MMA Junkie commented: “I can safely say, I’ve never seen anything quite like three dropouts (with two, potentially three, replacement opponents found) within 36 hours of a UFC fight night.” Ant Walker and Patrick Auger discuss the fallout from the UFC Fight Night event held at the UFC APEX facility.

Walker describes the event as “witnessing a trainwreck.” Furthermore, Ed Herman was offered just $10,000 for his canceled fight. In his last bout, his disclosed show purse was $54,000. Can you recall a similar chain of events happening before and during a UFC event?

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