Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren: Paul is 'going to knock his block off'

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren has been confirmed.

Paul will face former UFC fighter Askren in an eight-round pro boxing bout on April 17.

Our thoughts? Well, it’s mostly “stupid.”

But Patrick Auger and Matthew Wells agree that we’re seeing the return of celebrity boxing but with Youtubers, mixed martial artists, former boxers, and more.

If you’re wondering who will win this one, we’re leaning Jake Paul — and it won’t be close.

“Considering his age, the hip replacement, and the striking we saw from him [Askren] in the UFC, it’s hard not to favor Paul in this one,” Auger said.

“Absolutely, we’re taking Jake Paul in this fight. Jake Paul has proven he can knock someone out and Jake Paul can also move — he can move. Ben Askren doesn’t have the best footwork in the world, especially after a hip replacement, Jake Paul is going to knock his block off and it’s going to be ugly.”

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