Francis Ngannou is in a frustrating position...

Francis Ngannou isn’t happy sitting on the sidelines waiting for Stipe Miocic’s return.

Ngannou took to Twitter yesterday with a series of tweets indicating that he’s upset with the champion being out until March next year. Ngannou tweeted:

“2 title fights in the @ufc heavyweight division for the past two years and yet we don’t know if there will be another one anytime soon. Contenders have to fight for something Face with look of triumph #ThisIsSucks”

And a lack of activity is seemingly frustrating the top-ranked contender, too. Ngannou also tweeted:

“I fought once for 20 seconds in the last 16 months Face with rolling eyes #ThisIsSucks

“Apparently Stipe is out until March. If I have to wait until then it’ll be almost another year between fights.”

In this video, Patrick Auger and Matthew Wells discuss Ngannou’s situation at heavyweight.

Wells opens by saying that he definitely sympathizes with Ngannou at the moment and that his frustration is understandable. He deserves the title shot and it’s Stipe Miocic or bust. No one wants to see him against anyone else, and there’s no reason to see him fight anyone else, either.

So, Ngannou has done all of the work required to get a title shot, but he’s just not getting one (yet) and it’s out of his control.

Auger comments on the risk vs. reward. Ngannou deserves to fight sooner than March, but who and where should he fight? The risk vs. reward doesn’t make sense when he’s already the top contender.

The pair throw out one idea that could really shake things up for Ngannou, however. If Jon Jones was to make his debut at heavyweight, why not book him against Francis Ngannou for an interim title?

The winner would lock in their shot at Miocic when he returns and it’d make for an extraordinary UFC PPV event that would likely break past one million buys.

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