Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Logan Paul odds are surprisingly disrespectful to Conor McGregor

Odds for the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Logan Paul “super exhibition” match on February 20 have been released. Mayweather is listed at -5000 while Paul returns +1500.

Matthew Wells feels like these odds are disrespectful to Conor McGregor, who initially opened at +1100 before moving into +230 at close. Wells finds it strange that the two-division champion of the UFC started at odds similar to what Logan Paul, a YouTuber, is listed at right now.

Ant Walker comments that -5000 is still a bargain on Mayweather and that it’s the most guaranteed money you’ll ever make in your life. More importantly, it’s bizarre that Vegas is even taking action on this “super exhibition” bout. It’s almost as bizarre as the fight happening in the first place.

Wells and Walker both thought that they were being trolled by the initial announcement. But it’s really happening.

So, who’s going to be on the undercard?

Walker throws out names like Dillon Danis and Artem Lobov, who could both appear on the undercard if they’re going to try and make this a real circus-type thing.

Instead, Wells would like a legitimate boxing title fight on the card to really make it more interesting. Walker responds by saying that there’s no need as fans are already willing to hand over money to watch this. And he is sure everyone will be watching when the time comes.

On a final note, Wells wants to remind fans that there’s a huge difference between what this is and legitimate boxing. This is an event, a money-grab that is strictly for the views. It’s separate from the sport. Don’t get lost in thinking these are the same.

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